Thursday, 9 September 2021

EMEA VALORANT On-screen Talent Poll #1


By Arran “Halo” Spake

The EMEA challengers event are in the books and while Gambit, SuperMassive Blaze, Acend & G2 all secured their places to the Masters event in Berlin this Friday. The regions on-screen talent all matched the incredible games with on point hosting, analysis and commentating to provide us all with a perfect challengers event. While some of our on-screen talent will be representing EMEA in Berlin, a vast majority have taken the time to provide haloofthoughts with their top ten teams at it stand right now within the region after the Challengers events.

The On-Screen Talent EMEA poll will follow the same process as the European coaches and team managers poll which you can see here. The following on-screen talent from the last Challengers event have all provided me their top ten EMEA teams in order: Yinsu, RyanCentral, G2 Lothar, Zescht, Hypoc, Geo, Twiggy, Tombizz & Heretics Kaquka. While you will be able their collective votes for this poll, each individual's votes will be anonymous. 

Halo’s poll follows the same idea as American College sports when ranking the best teams in the region. A team will receive ten points for first, all the way down to one point for tenth. The team with the highest collective points will be deemed as the regions top team from an On-Screen talent basis. This will be updated on a regular basis and I will comment on changes as we go throughout the season. The number of first-place votes will be included next to the teams that receive it and poll #2 includes how many places teams have moved. So without further delay, here are the EMEA On-Screen talent, poll #1.

1. Gambit - 89 Points
2. Acend - 80 Points
3. SuperMassive Blaze - 72 Points
4. G2 - 58 Points
5. Team Liquid - 42 Points
6. Fnatic - 37 Point
7. Giants - 36 Points
8. Guild - 34 Points
9. Na'Vi - 17 Points
10. ForZe - 7 Points
Other teams getting votes: FunPlus Phoenix, Tenstar, Oxygen, BDS.
Masters Berlin begins tomorrow with a battle between two EMEA powerhouses in Acend & SuperMassive Blaze. We will also see many of the EMEA talent on our screens and guiding us through the event for the next nine days of competition and to see whether or not a team from the EMEA can dethrone North America's Sentinels. I would like to thank all of the EMEA talent who took part in this post. 

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(Images: Riot Games)


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