Saturday, 17 November 2018

Contenders Australia Season Three: Previewing The Contenders

With the Overwatch World Cup complete and a few month until the Overwatch League begins, the regional Contenders tournament is just around the corner to provide us with our professional Overwatch fix. Season three starts tomorrow and while every region has their favourite teams and their must watch matches lined up, one region that has the potential to be very competitive to watch  after a huge change the landscape this off-season is Australia.

Sunday, 28 October 2018

Report: How Michael “MykL” Padilla Has Been Leaking OWL Roster Moves

One of the Overwatch Leagues “leakboys” Michael “MykL” Padilla, who has a self claimed 100% record in revealing roster leaks this off-season, has been using an official Overwatch league document in order to make these correct leaks. The document is a spreadsheet that is being used by all the Overwatch Leagues team to update each other on player signings that have been made. Sources with in the Overwatch League who have grown increasingly tired of MykL's lack of journalistic approach and etiquette, have shared this list with myself to show how MykL has been able to leak this information. 


Saturday, 20 October 2018

Women In Overwatch: The Esports Industry From Their Perspective. Ft ChiXiaoTu, Geguri & Noukky

On July 28th, the London Spitfire captured history when they swept the Philadelphia Fusion in Game Two of the Overwatch League Grand Finals to win the series 2-0 and become the inaugural season winner of the league. In a mixture of my overenthusiastic jubilation of the team I followed winning the league and failing to do enough research on the subject, I made an erroneous tweet in saying that Spitfire General Manager Susie "Lil Susie" Kim became the first female Coach, Head Coach or General Manager to lead a team to a major esport title. Thankfully, I was corrected in this as there are a few others who've managed this achievement. It did however, get me thinking. We generally don't know a lot about women who work behind the scenes in Overwatch's top tier and how they go to where they are, so I decided to look into this further.