Friday, 14 September 2018

One Notable Release From Each Overwatch League Team

It’s official, the 2018 season of the Overwatch League is in the book, with the Grand Finals being won by London Spitfire and the Atlantic winning the All-Star week end. All games have been played on stage and now a new more strategic one is about to begin. The league has entered it’s off-season and while most players will be able to get some rest and enjoy their off-season outside of the Overwatch World Cup, those made players made free agents will now be looking to find new teams to call home and new cities to represent. These matches now are going to be played by the backroom staff, not only of the original twelve teams that started in the league. But with eight new teams in Atlanta, Chengdu, Paris, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Toronto, Vancouver and Washington D.C, that brings the leagues total amount of teams to twenty.

Sunday, 2 September 2018

No More Xqcuses: How Team Canada Could Be XQC’s Chance To Show He’s Overwatch League Ready.

When it comes to professional Main Tanks. Felix “xQc” Legyel is undoubtedly one of the better players in the world and is someone who's got the potential to be the best player at the position. Yet for someone so talented, he's currently found himself in the position where the 2018 Overwatch World Cup may be his last chance to prove that he's ready to take the next step from being a professional streamer, to being the best Main Tank in the Overwatch League.

Friday, 31 August 2018

From Ultimate Zero To Cloud9: Bok "Reapered" Han-Gyu's Coach Of The Year Deserving Season.

When you take a look at Cloud9’s overall standings in both the Spring and Summer splits in the NALCS, if you were just scanning the results without having any knowledge of how the season went. You would have thought that it was another solid season for the organisation and that the opportunity of going to the 2018 Worlds is a possibility. However, the team have a tumultuous season that has seen Cloud9 reach lows that have caused back lash from expecting Cloud9 fans to highs that make you think that they are back to being the dominant force in North America they once were. Throughout all of this there is one constant that has become clear at the end of the Summer Split. “Reapered” should not only receive coach of the Split, but is rightfully in contention for coach of the year.