Sunday, 1 October 2017

FIFA 18 - Galaticos & El Tornados

You've played a long, hard and mentally gruelling match. The score is currently 2-2 in the 88th minute, your defending hard after a sustained amount of pressure from your opponent when the opportunity to counter arises. You get the ball and run down the flank with Roberto Carlos and see that Cristiano Ronaldo has made a run but has a defender has hung with him. You decide a through ball over the top is the best course of action so you hit and hope. Ronaldo is 25 yards out when he turns, controls the ball first time and knocks the ball up into the air. Then in one swift, fluid motion he turns 180 degrees on a sixpence and smashes the ball into the top right hand corner for the win. This is FIFA 18 and it produces moments like this as if you were watching a real game regularly.