Saturday, 14 December 2019

Halo & EMEF Predicts: The Global Loot League North American & European, Middle East & African 25k Apex Legends Grand Finals

By Alistair "EMEF" & Arran "Halo" Brown

GlobalLoot League Apex Legends Series marks the first non-EA/Respawn-hosted event in Apex Legends’ lifespan, and the first online event with qualifiers to be played on custom servers. For a couple of teams, this event marks their first tier 1 Apex pro experience, after coming up in the unofficial T1 Scrim League, Apex.Pro League, or for some teams, the game’s in-game ranked ladder as their first competitive successes. Other teams will be looking for redemption after a poor and unrepresentative performance at the Apex Preseason Invitational in Krakow, and are finally getting a shot at redemption, and to the world the talent they had all along. For either kind of player, this event will define have extreme hunger in its competition, being the only big event in months, and we could not be more excited to see how it all unfolds.


Wednesday, 11 December 2019

Sources: The Paris Eternal Are Considering A Return To Overwatch Contenders

The Paris Eternal have been considering a return to Overwatch Contenders Europe and are likely to reintroduce their Academy team in the 2020 season, sources have told haloofthoughts