Friday, 17 September 2021

Attempting To Complete Their Acend-sion. EMEA's Acend Head To Playoffs


By Arran “Halo” Spake

The group stages of Masters Berlin are complete with just six of the original fifteen teams remaining at the time of this post, the pretenders have started to be left to the wayside, while the contenders start to rise to the top and state their claim as the best team in the professional Valorant scene. One of those teams remaining is Acend, the third seed from EMEA, who has battled through a tough group A that included the Korean roster of Vision Strikers and fellow EMEA hope SuperMassive Blaze who beat Acend in the regional qualifiers to take the number two seed.  Now with the playoffs in full swing, Acend is here to show that they are not only better than the North American teams they have been paired with but to show they are the best team in the world. 

Having beaten SuperMassive Blaze twice in the group stage and suffering a loss to the now eliminated Vision Strikers, Acend were drawn on the same side of the playoff bracket as the three North American sides to be involved in the event in 100Thieves who they will face in the quarterfinals and then either, Envy and the team many see as the best in the world and winners of Masters Reykjavik in Sentinels. While many see this as an unenviable task, Acend is looking forward to the challenge the draw brings.

Acend's Santeri "Bonecold" Sassi shows the confidence he and his team has when it comes to the teams next game 'We're very happy to compete at an international tournament. All the players are super motivated to play vs. any international teams so whether it's NA or any other region we're happy. Our group was very strong so getting out is a great achievement, we're looking forward to 100T and showing what EU can do against NA.' 

The match against 100Thieves will show a lot about where Acend stands at the current time. 100Thieves, known for the extensive amount of LAN experience they have in previous games such as CSGO, have so far shown that while they may be suspect when it comes to facing teams that have a star Oper on their side, they use that experience to their advantage. It will be the perfect test for Acend as they look to prove they are the games best team and set them up with a potential match up with Sentinels, that is both highly anticipated and the ideal opportunity to show that they can Acend to the top spot with ease.

Acend play 100Thieves today at a scheduled time of 7 pm CEST and they expect their participation in Masters Berlin to continue further.

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(Images: Colin Young-Wolff of Riot Games)


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