Sunday, 1 November 2020

Sources: The Los Angeles Gladiators Are Expected To Sign Grant "Moth" Espe

By Arran "Halo" Brown 

The Los Angeles Gladiators are expected to sign Main Support Grant "Moth" Espe, a two-time winner of the Overwatch League with the San Francisco Shock and who was apart of the 2019 USA team that won the last Overwatch World Cup, sources have told haloofthoughts. 

As a starter on the San Francisco Shock, Moth became one of the most successful North American Overwatch League players this season when the team became the first in league history to defend their titles and become back to back champions with a 4 -2 win over the Seoul Dynasty in the 2020 Grand Finals. Moth quickly became one of the premier Main Support players in the league during his time on the Shock and has been one of the most consistent players over the last couple of years with his play on the likes of Lucio and Mercy. 

Moth's departure from the San Francisco Shock will come as a surprise to many, as on the 12th October, Moth tweeted that he was a Free Agent and was looking for a new team. It was a tweet he deleted quickly after being unaware of the rules and whether he could tweet the announcement or not. It was later confirmed by Shock that he was a Free Agent but after comments made by the Shock's owner, NRG CEO Andy Miller stating that the 'core players' would be re-signed, Moth was a player that many fans were expecting to return to the team. 

The Los Angeles Gladiators are looking to bounce back after a disappointing 2020 season, which saw them fail to make a single tournament quarterfinal and post an overall record of 11 wins and 10 losses, which saw them fall to 9th overall this season. The signing of Moth not only provides the Gladiators with a team leader but it creates one of the most exciting support partnerships on paper, with the Gladiators having already signed former Guangzhou Charge Flex Support Jin-Seo "Shu" Kim this off-season. 

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