Monday, 16 November 2020

Sources: The Houston Outlaws Are Expected To Sign Charlie "Nero" Zwarg


By Arran "Halo" Brown 

UPDATE: According to sources, Houston Outlaws will have to wait longer as an unnamed team made an improved offer at the 11th hour.

One of North America’s top Flex DPS’s is returning to home soil as the Houston Outlaws are expected to sign former Guangzhou Charge player Charlie “Nero” Swarg according to sources with information around the deal.

In March 2019, Nero burst onto the Overwatch League’s scene in the Guangzhou Charge’s first season in the league, with some incredible performances on Pharah during stage three that helped push the Charge from a team that was struggling to find consistency, to a team that started to turn heads, despite being the youngest team in the Overwatch League at the time. He continued to impress as the season went on and had moments of brilliance when Mei became a stable part of the meta from the end of 2019 and the start of 2020. The Charge were probably the team that was the hardest hit during 2020’s pandemic effected season, with Nero having to make multiple trips Korea, which is where the Charge made their base for the season to America, and then back. In order to keep renewing his work visa to stay with the Charge. 

The move to the Houston Outlaws may be surprising to some but it shows a strong statement from former Outlaw’s Off-Tank, turned General Manager Matt “Coolmatt” Lorio that he was aware the roster needed to be revamped and will now be providing long time Outlaw DPS Dante “Danteh” Cruz with the strongest DPS core he has had to work with during his two and a half year tenure with the Outlaws. One interesting point to note according to sources, is that Nero and former Charge DPS partner Jung-Woo “Happy” Kim had made an agreement to continue their partnership from Guangzhou in 2021 and agreed to join the same team

Nero and Happy with be joining Dante Danteh "Danteh" Cruzand newly acquired Off-Tank Min-Jun" Piggy” Shin from Contenders Korea’s Talon Esports and will be looking to become the first Houston Outlaws team to record a winning season during their four year history within the Overwatch League.

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(Picture Credit: Overwatch League)


  1. Idk if u can change it, but Nero's last name is wrong just an fyi

    1. Thanks, Not sure what happened there but updated it now

  2. who tf is Charlie Schewg? I only know a Charlie Zwarg.

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