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The Final Circle: An Interview With Natus Vincere's Kirill "9impluse" Kostiv, Nikita "Clawz" Marchinsky & Dmitry "Fyzu" Petrov

By Arran "Halo" Brown

While the Apex Legends Global Series has several teams with players that have both in-game ability and out of game personality, none have matched the level of consistent results and team-related content that Natus Vincere has produced so far. It is safe to safe that Natus Vincere, is one of the most aggressive, in your face and looking to out frag anyone on the server teams. They have managed to use to their advantage and have become one of the ALGS's best rosters. Their results back this statement up well, with a 2nd place at the Apex Legends Preseason Invitational, 4th in the Global Loot League EMEA online finals and then a 4th place finish in the online major qualifiers, very few teams can match the results they have produced. With the 1st ALGS major just around the corner, the trio of 9impluse, clawz and Fyzu, took the time to answer some questions, their first interview in English surrounding the scene and their thoughts of it so far.

The Final Circle is an interview series that allows you to get to know some of Europe's top teams. This is the third episode of the series after I previously spoke with Reciprocity EU (formerly Penta) and regarding their experiences so far. In this episode, we will be looking to provide you, the fans, an opportunity to get to know Natus Vincere, who is not only one of the best teams in the scene right now, but creating some of the best content.

First of all, thank you for taking the time to speak to me today and doing your first English interview. To start with, for those fans who do not know about you, introduce yourself and let us know your esports background.

9impulse: Kirill, 20 years old, the worst player in Na'Vi.

clawz: My name is Nikita, I am 21 years old. Before Apex Legends, I spent 10 years playing quake, achieving back to back victory at the World Championship.

Fyzu: Dmitry, 25 years old, always positive and smiling :) Before Apex, I tried to achieve success in esport, but I did not succeed.

As a team, you have been together since the Global Loot League Finals after Natus Vincere traded PKMK to Winstrike for Fyzu and have performed well. How do you feel as a team since his introduction?

9impulse: Fyzu is the type of guy who can change the world with his kindness, he will perform well in every team but we wanted him to play with us. Clawz and I are bad guys, we need a good guy to not become bad team overall

clawz: Fyzu has everything to become one of the best players. What I like, is that he makes sure that we stay focused and not lose our maturity.

Fyzu: I really like the atmosphere in our team, we are often complementing each other, including the coach and our manager.

Having finished 2nd at the Apex Invitational and 4th at the GLL Finals and in the online major qualifiers, you have cemented your place as one of the games top teams. You had a strong tournament in the online major qualifiers as well, making the finals pretty easily. Which performance are you happiest with and how far can you go?

9impulse: I'm happiest for Krakow's result. Its a lot of money I can live on. What about qualifier finals? I am bad at reading zones, I'm trying to improve but I never know where it's moving. Other teams are gifted top 4 but for us, we didn't show good performance in these finals but other teams were doing weird things. After game 5 I thought, fuck it lets just make some kills to set up a top 5 so I wasted my boys on suicide mission pushing building with the worst tp.

clawz: I liked Krakow the most since I was the only person using devotion there, so 2nd place was pretty expectable. In total, I'm thankful to my teammates, since they make tournaments much easier for me, cause I only got to shoot.

Fyzu: I was upset by results in Krakow, but now I’m in a different team and have different role, and I feel right. About qualifiers, I think we would win more often if I had a PK and G7 :D

There had been a lot of talk regarding the format and process of the online qualifiers. While Natus Vincere made it, what changes would you like to see moving forward?

9impulse: I want to see only good teams on tournaments who deserve it, not the teams who registered faster. I'm not gonna lie, I'm still tilted because of it, it's like, you did a good job and then your boss is saying "good job but instead of it you could spend your time in McDonald's like it did….I don't know, Mohr. Yesterday I heard its 1 team with golden rank going with us. ALGS is looking extremely good for me after Overwatch and I'm sure they will make it more fair and more than the best of 3.

clawz: Adding reconnect button will be the best gift from EA to compete in these online quallies, in total I like what they do, pretty fast and dedicated.

Fyzu: I want to see only 2 ways to get to events, quals an invite based on the results of previous tourneys.

Season 4 is in its early days and while there were a lot of map changes, there hasn't been many changes in the gun and legend meta. What changes would you like to see

9impulse: still waiting for Gibby or Wattson nerfs and less chokes on the map

clawz: I would like to not see changes in the peacekeeper. Also, I want to get mirage buffed since I consider him OP but only a buff in patch notes will prove it to my teammates, despite the fact this is my best legend right now.

Fyzu: I think, any changes map \ legends \ weapons don’t make sense, as long as the game has problems with crashes, reconnects and network code.

Now, let's talk about the major. There was a lot of surprises in the teams that qualified, especially in North America, what are you expecting to happen and are there any teams or regions you are keeping your eyes on?

9impulse: I'm a big fan of 2 NA teams. TSM and SEN. They are good in-game and they are not crying in general if someone killed them, sometimes if you play against them you feel like 3v6 Kappa, I love Hal, but I'm pretty sure money from Texas's 1st place won't stay in America for long

clawz: The only team I'm scared of isn't participating in the tournament, which were always looting my building, team WC ( Illidan, n1cenick, Vendettka). But the old enemy still remains - disconnect.

Fyzu: I sometimes analyze NA region and come to the conclusion: EU > NA

Speaking of the North American region, they have at times been outspoken regarding your play style in the past, NRG's Mohr in particular. What do you say and think about the comments made?

9impulse: If you're not ready to be pushed then you are bad. This is battle royale, everything can happen... For now, we are one of the most unreadable teams in the world so if you see us in your lobby, be ready to die or to take 3ez points 

clawz: What is that question about, who is Mohr and what did he do? 

Fyzu: Only weak players will complain, while strong ones will adapt and overcome

The Arlington major will follow the same double elimination, 50 point barrier to win the grand finals that the Apex Invitational did. While this will provide excitement to the tournament for the fans, what are your thoughts of the format as a player?

9impulse: I prefer only 7games (for example) instead of this. After Krakow's last games, I was dead for some days, it is very hard to play the whole day, especially when you're getting some bad moments like dying in the best spot and then this team is winning round.

clawz: I like it a lot, this game is about distance, so we can see who is who on that distance.

Fyzu: I have not tried it yet, it will be interesting to try

9impluse and Clawz. You two are coming into the major as the joint reigning Apex Predators, does this have any factor on how you enter the tournament and can one of you defend your titles?

9impulse: I still don't understand, how did I make this many kills as Clawz or (T1 Korea's) Selly. Sometimes I'm thinking like I'm the worst in this game

clawz: I hope just I'll manage to get predator rank in the season 4 before tournament.

Finally, I want to talk about the content you three create as a team because it is the best in the scene right now. Who's idea was it and how do you three always pull it off so well?

9impulse: The media staff in NAVI are best at it, but sometimes we are taking something from our heads like our cover on "poker face" or where me and Clawz are missing our love (follow my Instagram LUL)… I hope those 2 below me are not gonna lie whos making that kind of ideas.🤭btw big sorry for my English I hope it's not that bad like I'm thinking

clawz: Most of it comes from great guys from NAVI, but since we got zoomer in our team (9impulse) we got to adjust to make him feel like at home, so sometimes we drop cringe content on our personal social media.

Fyzu: Everything comes from these 2 guys because I’m a boring :D Also media staff NAVI is really incredible

Natus Vincere will be participating as one of the 100 teams planned to play in the double-elimination knock out tournament in Arlington from March 13th - 15th. They are looking to go one step further than their 2nd place at the Apex Legends Preseason Invitational in Krakow, Poland and as one of Europes best teams, have every opportunity to do so. You can follow 9impluse, clawzģ and Fyzu on twitter. 

(You can find more Apex Legends Global Series related content on Twitter @haloofthoughts) 
(Picture courtesy of Natus Vincere)


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