Wednesday, 11 December 2019

Sources: The Paris Eternal Are Considering A Return To Overwatch Contenders

The Paris Eternal have been considering a return to Overwatch Contenders Europe and are likely to reintroduce their Academy team in the 2020 season, sources have told haloofthoughts

The move comes after the Eternal revamped their Overwatch League roster for the 2020 season and wanted to allow star DPS player Yeong-Han "Sp9rk1e" Kim the opportunity to play consistently, since his signing from Contenders Korea team Element Mystic, sources have told. Sp9rk1e is not eligible to play in the Overwatch League until May 31st 2020 , when he turns 18 and playing in Contenders would allow him to stay competitive until he can be promoted. 

Paris originally released their academy roster on May 20th, after they were relegated from Contenders Europe and failed to return through the Contenders Trials promotional tournament. 

While the return of Eternal Academy is still under consideration though thought likely, it would provide Contenders Europe with a huge boost after only having one academy team for the majority of the Overwatch Leagues two year existence in the British Hurricane. It will also give Overwatch Contenders fans hope after both the New York Excelsior and Los Angeles Gladiators put XL2 and Gladiators Legion on hiatus for the 2020 Contenders season.

While it is unsure whether Eternal Academy would get an automatic place in Contenders Europe or have to qualify from Open Division. One move that is in expected to happen is the signing of Young and Beautiful and France World Cup player Brice "FDGOD" Mons├žavior on a potential way contract.

One thin that is clear, is that Eternal Academy's return would give Blizzards Path To Pro model some welcome reinforcement.

Haloofthoughts reached out to the Paris Eternal for comment who responded with 'The team are always looking for new talent to make our team better'

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