Friday, 23 August 2019

Report: Monkey Bubble To Host 18 Nation European Cup Fundraiser For The Competing Overwatch World Cup Teams

Overwatch tier 2 event organisers Monkey Bubble have finalised a 18 nation tournament as a warm up for the Overwatch World Cup and that provides an opportunity to help fund teams outside of this year’s top 10 to attend the Overwatch World Cup, a sources close to the negations has told HaloOfThoughts. 

The Overwatch MB Eurocup Fundraiser, will run from the 30th August 2019 – 8th September and includes 15 countries from Europe as well as Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and South Africa. The nations have been drawn in to 4 groups where groups A & B will have 5 teams in each and groups C & D will have 4 teams. Sources have confirmed that the reason for groups C & D only having 4 teams in each group is due to Russia’s having to withdraw as visa meetings for the Overwatch World Cup were booked for the same time as the fundraiser tournament and Ireland withdrew after they were unable to come to an agreement with the tournament organisers.

The group stage will follow the traditional Overwatch Contenders Round Robin format, each game will be a best of 4 unless there is a tie and a 5th overtime map will be played. The top 4 teams from each group will then proceed to the playoff stages, meaning that group C & D will have already qualified and will be fighting for playoff seeding. It will then be a first to 3 single elimination knockout format in the playoffs until a winner is decided on 8th September 2019. 

Sources have also confirmed that there will also be a few All-Star games on the 8th September including a Torbjorn 1v1, that will take place prior to the finals. The tournament will have 3 games played per day that will be streamed on Twitch concurrently in English by Monkey Bubble, French by CastersNest and Spanish by TitanMediaES

The aim of the MB Eurocup fundraiser to help provide funding to those teams who are outside of Blizzards top 10 rankings, which has been based on the combined results of the Overwatch World Cups first three years. While the nations who are ranked in the this top 10 will receive full funding for accommodations and travel to the tournament, the remaining nations will either receive partial funding for accommodation or have to fund their travel themselves.

The initial prize for the tournament is £100 but this is likely to rise throughout the tournament with the opportunity for fans to donate during streams and buy national merchandise which will go towards the overall prize pool. While the overall tournament winners will claim bragging rights over their fellow European, West Asia and South African opponents all 18 nations have agreed that the main prize money will go to the highest placed team that hasn’t secured funds from Blizzard to attend the Overwatch world cup. 

Monkey Bubble are expect to announce the tournament later this evening after receiving the completed and signed contract from all the nations involved.

(You can find more Overwatch World Cup related content on Twitter @haloofthoughts)(Picture Credit: Monkey Bubble)


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