Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Report: Samsung Morningstars Main Tank Simon "Chubz" Vullo Has Been Banned From Overwatch Contenders Europe For Two Weeks Due To Toxicity.

Samsung Morningstar Main Tank Simon "Chubz" Vullo has been replaced by Richard "PIPou" Buscemi, after Chubz's was banned by Blizzard for the first two weeks of the season.

Chubz received the ban between the 1st - 3rd of June, due to persistent in game toxicity and means that PIPou who is currently the teams coach, will have to play in the first two games of season 2 of Contenders Europe against Team Gigantti and British Hurricane, multiple sources have told haloofthoughts.

Chubz being banned is a big blow for the Morningstar so close to the start of the new season, after they recently overhauled their Overwatch roster.

With Samsung all being based within the teams facility in Italy, multiple sources have also confirmed that they are concerned regarding the teams potential to have Chubz play under PIPou's account, due to the in house LAN environment that the Morningstars have.

Chubz who joined Samsung from fellow Contenders Europe team One.Point and sources stated that he had been known for his behaviour in game.

With Contenders Europe season 2 starting on Thursday, the timing of this suspension couldn't be worse for Samsung, who are looking to bounce back after finishing season 1 in 5th-6th.

Haloofthoughts reached out to Samsung Morningstars General Manager Francesco "Life" Caforio who provided the following statement:

Yeah unfortunately Chubz get a ban for the first two weeks of contenders, we have taken action on him and in his salary for his anti-sporting behavior. He was really sorry about and immediately apologized with us promising it will not happen again.

We trust a lot on him as he's really a nice guy IRL and maybe in-game everyone of us sometimes exaggerate, too much emphasis, even it's not a justification for a professional player.
Together with him, we will work on his lacks, build professionals is as well our job.

Pipou was an ex-pro player playing in Contenders and he has all the capacity to sub Chubz for the first two weeks.

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(Picture Credit: Samsung Morningstars)

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