Friday, 28 June 2019

Report: How 2-2-2 Will Affect The Overwatch League & Contenders

The 2-2-2 Composition lock will be implemented prior to stage four of the Overwatch Leagues 2019 season but will not be used in Contenders until either The Gauntlet or the first season of 2020, league sources have told haloofthoughts.

League sources have confirmed that the composition lock will be for in game heroes only and not the leagues players themselves, meaning that flex players would not be forced into a specific role.

Sources also stated that the change to the 2-2-2 composition lock will only affect the Overwatch League and not Overwatch Contenders, due to the leagues being run as two separate competitions. This means that Composition lock will be in place for Contenders by the start of 2020 at the latest,, when the rumoured mandatory Academy team rule is expected to be enforced.

The 2-2-2 composition lock has become one of the hottest topics of discussion within the Overwatch landscape over the last few months. It started when Rod "Slahser" Breslau initially hinted that a major change was coming to Overwatch, to the report here on haloofthoughts that the league decided against its implementation prior to stage three, despite Overwatch League teams being in favour of the change to get out of the Goats meta. To finally "Yiska" reporting that it will arrive in stage four.

Overwatch League fans have been polarised by its introduction, with some fans happy to see the back of Goats, while others have stated that the timing of this major change should have been made sooner due to how it affects teams adaptability and how the league has looked so far. If there's one thing that is known, it that it will make the seasons final stage a free for all while they try to find the best composition for pro play.

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