Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Report: Florida Mayhem Are Close To Signing WGS Armament’s Gargoyle, Karayan & O2 Blast’s Myunbong

The Florida Mayhem are reportedly close to signing WGS Armament tank duo Beom-Jun “Gargoyle” Lee, San-Ha “Karayan” Choi and O2 Blast Support player Sang-Min “Myunbong” Seo from Contenders Korea.

The Mayhem, who are currently in their third full rebuild in the last season and a half, have already traded for former Los Angeles Valiant Main Tank Pan-Seung “Fate” Koo and former NRG Support Song-Ju “Byrem” Lee. Sources have told haloofthoughts that Gargoyle, Karayan and Myunbong are close to joining them as a part of their new roster.

Gargoyle and Karayan have been a part of WGS Armament since their creation and helped the team gain promotion in to Contenders Korea for season 3 of 2018 and season 1 of 2019. While Armament finished season ones regular season with a 2-5 record, they managed to qualify for the playoffs on map difference, before they were eliminated by Element Mystic In the first round. Both players were on the fringes or bench of the team for most of the season, due to the length of time this deal had been in the pipeline for.

Myunbong on the other hand was the starting Flex Support for Contenders Korea season 1 runners up O2 Blast. Having joined from WGS Armament in April, he enjoyed a good run of success in helping the team reach the Grand Finals. Known for his Zenyatta and Ana play, Myunbong has looked like one of the better Support players in this season’s competition.

With big name players on the market such as RunAways Sun-Jun “QoQ” Yu, Nam-Jin “Gangnamjn” Jim, Gen.G’s Eun-Sang “Oberon” Ham, Seung-Hyun “WooHyaL” Sung, Element Mystic’s Jae-Hyeon “AlphA” Sin and Young-Woo “Undine” Son all being eligible for the Overwatch League. Names such as Gargoyle, Karayan and Myunbong will likely come as a surprise to both Mayhem and league fans alike.

What’s more is that sources have stated that Gargoyle, Karayan and Myunbong have all been named within the Korean Overwatch community as allegedly being a part of Frenzy Company, which is known for its account boosting services.

It will be interesting to see whether Blizzard look into the allegations further, due to their stance against it when handed out multiple game suspensions to 7 players this pre season.

Haloofthoughts did contact The Florida Mayhem for comment regarding both the roster moves and the allegations regarding account boosting but declined to comment.

Edit: Updated the reason as to why Gargoyle and Karayan were on the bench/fringe this Contenders season.

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