Saturday, 6 October 2018

Report: LGD and Team China DPS Player Zheng "Shy" Yangjie Will Not Be In OWL For The 2019 Season

One of Contenders China's best players and the Overwatch Leagues hottest free agents in Zheng "Shy" Yangjie, will not be able to play in the second season of the Overwatch League due to him not being 18 before the expected age cut off date. Meaning that after the Overwatch World Cup has been completed, he will return to play at Contenders level.

The rumours surrounding Shy’s age emerged in China yesterday evening, where the claims that Shy’s Liquidpedia page was in correct and that he he was born in 2002. This would then mean that Shy was only 16 years old and not the 18 that many thought him to be and would mean he wouldn’t be able to participate in the OWL for another year or two. A source, who wished to remain anonymous. Has confirmed that "he's not going to be in OWL for the second season, all I can tell you is that he's not 18" meaning that all previous rumours of Shy trailing for Overwatch League teams, has likely been for their academy teams and not the OWL rosters.

Shy is one of the more well known and popular players in the Tier 2 scene and  has played for Chinese contender team LGD Gaming since November 2016. He started his career as a Flex Support player who made his name playing Zenyatta but switched to playing DPS in October 2017,  instantly becoming one of China's better Support DPS players when he was paired up with Ou "Eileen" Yiliang just before Contenders China started.

During his time with LGD Gaming, Shy helped the team to a second place finish in both the first and second seasons of Contenders China. He’s also been a regular for team China, having been a part of the Chinese team for the group stage in 2017 & the 2018 team who’s going to be playing at Blizzcon after coming first in the Bangkok Group stage.

With the current extended break before Contenders season three beings, it remains to see if Shy will return to LGD Gaming or look to join an academy of one of China’s potentially four academy teams. The final part of the recent rumours in China, was that Shy may be moved to the teams PUBG team in the meantime. Though this hasn’t been confirmed by Shy or the team.

At the time of writing, attempts to gain contact with LGD Gaming in regards to obtaining a comment have not resulted in a responses

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