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European, Korean & North American Contenders Players, Who We Must See In OWL Season 2 By Profit of Amber

With the Overwatch League's off season in full swing, season two of Contenders coming to a close and the Overwatch World Cup starting this weekend. It's the time of year where everyone who's played well over in their respective seasons, will now be linked with pastures new and potentially be ready to step up into the Overwatch League. With teams possibly looking to rebuild and at least six expansion teams coming into the league. Profit of Amber has taken a look at the players he feels will be ready to step up next season.


William "Asking" Vetter - 6nakes
Tuomo "Davin" Lappanen - Gigantti
Robert "Shadder2k" Mocanu - Gigantti
Riku "Ripa" Toivanen - Gigantti
Hafpor "Hafficool" Hakonarson - British Hurricane
Andreas "Epzz" Wallvingskog - Orgless and Hungry
Petja "Masaa" Kantanen - Gigantti
Cameron "Fusions" Bosworth - British Hurricane
Richard "RCK" Kanerva - Gigantti


Chung-Hee "Stitch" Lee - RunAway
Hyo-Jong "Haksal" Kim - RunAway

Gui-Un "Decay" Jang - Kongdoo Panthera
Sang-Beom "Bumper" Park - RunAway
Dong-Hyeong "Daco" Seo - Element Mystic
Sung-Jun "Slime" Kim - RunAway
Min-Ki "Viol2t" Park - O2 Ardeont
Hyeon-Woo "Jjanu" Choi - RunAway
Jung-Genn "Rapel" Kim - Element Mystic

North America

Yeon-Kwan "Nenne" Jeong - XL2
Dong-Un "Rascal" Kim - NRG

Byung-Ho "Panker" Kim - Gladiators Legion
Daniel "Gods" Graeser - Gladiators Legion
Elijah "Elk" Gallagher - Fusion University
Hyeon-Woo "HaGoPeun" Jo - Mayhem Academy
Caleb "Mcgravy" McGravey - Team Envy
Johannes "Shax" Nielsen - Mayhem Academy
Adam "Adam"Eckel - XL2

Players we must see in O.W.L for season 2

With the close of the first Overwatch League season, alot of questions were answered. Will this new format for esports work? Will it be popular amongst fans of overwatch and esports?, will it attract the best players? And the answer is… Yes. Season 1 was the pilot episode of a hopefully long series, and now looking into season 2 the league announced there will be new expansion teams added representing cities across the world.

There will be a lot of new players entering the league next year and most likely sourced from Contenders. With this in mind here are 9 players from the KR, NA and EU tier 2 scene who we MUST see in Overwatch League for Season 2.

DPS- Shadder2K Asking Davin
Tanks- Hafficool Fusions RCK
Supports- Ripa Epzz Masaa

Davin deserves a spot silencing critics he is a “Tracer specialist” by being as equally impressive on Zarya and Widowmaker since he got snubbed from the OWL. He has been consistently a star for his team and is a key factor in there success making him a good pickup for any expansion team, or the Houston Outlaws.
Shadder on the other hand has been a real breakout, similar to Davin showcasing his flexibility picking up Brigitte, Pharah and Hanzo up to the level of his Genji he is known for. In Shadders case his quick integration into an all Finnish lineup is impressive and is nothing but a good sign for onlooking talent scouts.

Finally, there is Asking of 6nakes who emerged from virtually nowhere. The French hitscan player has been a highlight reel for the ex-Mosaic team since he joined particularly on Hanzo. his raw mechanical skill is almost unmatched in the EU scene. Asking seems like a lock for OWL season 2.

Hafficool IS overwatch league worthy. Haffi has been consistent throughout both seasons 1 and 2 providing flashy bomb kills turn fights around and eating ultimate's as D.Va. See his 3k on Numbani vs singularity from season 1 as an example of his skill on the hero.

Fusions had the perfect opportunity to flex his Reinhardt on the entire region season 2. Whilst season 1 his Winston provided so many resources to deal with that Kragie and Kyb could destroy in dives as they did on their way to winning EU contenders, a solid main tank for any expansion team.

Team Gigantti’s RCK much like Haffi has shined within the pool of Off-tanks in the EU region. His ability to sustain himself in fights on D.Va means he can play the popular Korean hero like a ravenous shark, smelling blood and going for it.

Orgless and Hungry’s captain Epzz has been fantastic on the flex support role. Last member of the original team of tonic, Shax, Vizility, Kruise Finnsi and himself, He was the build around for the new version going into season 2. The swede was a staple on the Moira and Zen looking like a prototypical flex support from EU like boombox and Shaz before him.

The other two Masaa and Ripa have been the best support duo in EU by a good stretch. Whether it’s Mercy and Zen, Lucio and Ana or the Lucio Moira as 2 thirds of the 3-3 comp that's common in EU right now. The pair are exceptional at sustaining their 3 other tanks in a composition which relies on its supports coordination to maximise healing efficiency. There are none better in EU at their roles than these two.

DPS-  Stitch Haksal Decay
Tanks- Bumper Daco Jjanu
Supports- Slime Viol2t Rapel

Runners up in Apex season 4 Runaway DPS duo Haksal and Stitch are finally ready to step onto the Burbank stage. With Haksal being now 18 in time for season 2 he, along with the baby faced hitscan assassin Stitch deserve to be picked up. The pair have adapted and thrived in every meta from Brigitte and Zarya to Widow and Hanzo. I have no doubts that whatever meta emerges that Stitch and Haksal will shine.

Another top tier talent is Kongdoo’s Decay. He has formed a devastating trio with DDing and Youngjin who, as a trio, seemingly play every Off-tank and damage hero to an OWL standard. Decay himself taking the role of the hitscan primarily whilst also wielding an impressive Zarya, Decay turns 18 in late February meaning if the same dates repeat themselves it is likely Decay is eligible for the end of stage 1 or early into stage 2.

With Tizi’s departure to the London Spitfire mid-season there was a gap left at main tank, which Bumper stepped into and excelled in. The only question surrounding one of the most flexible players in Kr contenders is what position he will play for an OWL team in season 2.

His current Off-tank JJanu throughout all of Runaway’s performances has been consistent. Talked about as a top 3 D.Va in Korea along with Envy and Daco, just watching him it’s obvious why. JJanu has perfected the play style as D.Va of being everywhere at once and a sure fire pick up along with the rest of his runaway team mates.

The last tank is Daco from Element Mystic. Arguably the best player in the whole of the tier 2 scene. Daco has been exceptional on every hero he’s touched for EM both seasons. His D.Va bombs have been fight winning on multiple occasions. Any map win for EM has Daco’s name written all over it. The consensus amongst all analysts in Korea is that Daco is an elite level Off-tank. It’s time for him to enter the league and prove it.

Slime of runaway has developed a reputation as the best mercy in Korea. His synergy with Bumper and Twilight is the backbone of Runaway’s dive which saw them reach the finals of Contenders season 2. He’s also shown versatility as a main support on the Lucio and Ana. It's always hard to judge the quality of main support as it’s the role where play making is the least required however amongst all main supports in tier 2 Slime stands out as owl ready.

Element Mystic’s Rapel really does put the “flex” in ‘flex support’. From being the ironclad dwarf behind their Numbani strategy used to full hold numerous teams to the omnic monk in the classic dive composition. Rapel has shown his consistency across multiple heroes whatever he plays.

Similarly to Rapel, is Viol2t of 02 Ardeont. Whilst his team hasn’t performed up to the standard of the other powerhouses like Panthera, runaway, element mystic or x6 Viol2t has maintained his high level of play from season 1 which saw his team take 2nd losing to x6 in the finals. Wether its Zenyatta, Ana or even Genji I can only theorise what Viol2t could do if he was surrounded by 5 other Overwatch League level players.   

North America
DPS- Nenne Rascal Shax
Tanks- Panker Gods Mcrgavy
Supports- HagoPeun Elk Adam

Migrating to NA has done wonders for XL2’s Nenne. Since arriving to play for the New York academy team Nenne has been one of the best DPS in all of contenders flexing onto Widowmaker, Tracer, Zarya, Mccree and the list continues. Making incredible plays clutching team fights throughout both seasons in almost every game. It’s become a common trend when playing XL2 that a fight isn’t over until this man is dead, He’s just been that good. Scouts should be watering at the mouth over the prospects he isn’t signed by his parent team and is released into the free market.

Like Nenne, Shax signed for Mayhem academy skipping across the pond from EU. Shax is a hitscan DPS who looks like your typical Overwatch League level DPS. He plays virtually every required hero for his role and can move over to the Brigitte or Zarya for a 3-3 composition. I think Shax deserves to be picked up as he has shown his quality in two highly competitive regions of contenders. He, at times, has looked like the best non-Korean player in all of NA.

Refuge until season 2 Rascal, formerly of the London Spitfire because we don’t talk about his time in Dallas, has somehow found himself in the tier 2 scene. Rascal will most likely be released into the free market as well considering his parent team currently have Architect in the starting flex DPS spot that he deserves. Before the Overwatch League started Rascal was talked about as one half of the best DPS duo in the world next to Birdring and watching him it’s obvious why. Whether it’s the conventional Pharah, Genji or Junkrat or the wilder picks like Mei, Rascal has shown his ability time and time again. He belongs in the Overwatch League and nothing less.

Equally as deserving to make it to Burbank for season 2 is GLA Legion’s tank duo of Gods and Panker. The two have shown incredible synergy behind Pankers aggressive play making style at times posing more of a threat than their own DPS. With Fissure and void likely departing from the main roster, these two should be perfect replacements. The South Korean main tank also recently brought out the Hammond against NRG with great success on Volskaya diving perfectly. At this early stage he looks like the best Wrecking ball in tier 2.

Gods himself is a very good Off-tank. Importantly to the LAG he fills the tanks that D.Va One-Trick Bischu does not play. Gods has shown past experience on DPS as well moving to play tracer in a solo tank composition without dropping off too much in quality. He has provided clutch moments along with Panker on D.Va, Zarya, Tracer or Roadhog. It would be a waste for these two to not be signed as a duo.

McGravy From Team Envy transitioned to Off-tank from DPS brilliantly. Selected as the back up Off-tank for Team USA He’s looked more dangerous on the role than ever before. With the gap being left by seagull from his parent team McGravy looks like a ready replacement for the bird on D.Va. His Zarya has also looked serviceable at an Overwatch League level when required as well. If he isn’t signed by Dallas, McGravy will be at the top of the list for Western Off-tanks.

Another from the London spitfire that somehow found his way into tier 2, Ex-GC Busan captain HagoPeun performed up to an acceptable standard for any Overwatch league team. Hago’s Sombra rarely appeared due to her viability but it was excellent when it did adding another dimension to his overall play. With Sombra potentially being very good for season 2 as well as his already established skill on Zenyatta and Ana, he’d be perfect for any team looking to fill a flex support role.

Fusion Universities’ Elk should also be a lock for Overwatch league season 2. He’s shown versatility on Ana, mercy and Lucio. One of Elk’s best qualities is his knowledge of the game, demonstrated in multiple interviews he knows how to play the game to the highest level and understands his own role in a team, which he showed enabling Alarm similar to Ark’s role inside the NYXL. The team USA selection proves his ability on the role. Elk is a fantastic player and should be absorbed into the league for season 2, Him and Alarm are the backbone for FU’s success across both contenders seasons.

Lastly Adam from XL2 has been one of the most best mercy players for a long time now. It’s a shock that he was not signed even mid season by any western team who needed a mercy player (basically all of them), considering he looked like an exceptional mercy player for team USA at the Overwatch World Cup in 2017. Adam isn’t the flashiest player but as a main support he is consistent, you know what he will and will not do which is vital for his role. If the winged medic continues to be a strong hero Adam should be looked at seriously. Even if she falls out of play at the highest tier his ability to function as an assistant coach helping other support players is not something to be easily dismissed.

Article Written By “ProfitOfAmber". British rookie writer and analyst covering Overwatch League and Contenders in NA, EU and KR (3.6k peak player). You can find me mostly in the London Spitfire discord. I’ve been watching Overwatch competitively since the start of Apex season 3.

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