Monday, 7 May 2018

What To Expect When Your Baby Is 6 Months Old

I’m not quite sure how, but little Joshua is now officially six months old. When they say that time flies when you have children, they really weren’t joking. While we’ve been trying to capture every moment we can and enjoy his transition from tiny newborn to an energetic six month old, there’s been moments that have happened that we haven’t expected, things we've been told about and gotten ourselves ready for but didn't happen and then those moments that you knew were coming but you still weren't prepared for.

The last six months have been a huge learning curve and it has at times felt like we've been pushed into the deep end. I wouldn't change any of what's happened along the way but here are a few things we've encountered as Joshua has gotten older.

Weaning, Do It Your Way
For reasons unknown to me, the way you wean your child is a seriously hot topic with parents. Whether you chose to go with baby led weaning, traditional weaning or hybrid and doing a mixture of both like we are, don't let anyone try and sway your opinion on how to do it as the main thing is that your baby is fed. I've found weaning to be a lot of fun with Joshua as he will always show his excitement when he's in the chair and ready for his puree, but he will also banshee wail as soon as he wants more. It is one of my favourite moments with Joshua just due to his pure joy, the boy loves his sweet potato.

Teething and Dribbling
We all know that when a baby starts teething it involves a lot pain, tears and dribble. The amount of dribble however, is something that I wasn't expecting. It's literally like a constant stream that rarely shows any sign of stopping. What's worse is when your baby decides to secretly chew on their hands and you then have to take something out of their hands. Leaving you with a slimy puddle of drool gathering in the middle of your hand, or the toy he may have been chomping on! If your baby is also like Joshua who seems to be getting his teeth early (he has four soon to be five already) it truly is a river of drool.

Development Comes At All Speed
Every baby develops at different rates, so it's important to remember not to get down if your child isn't developing as fast as you want or for friends babies, as they'll get there when their meant to. Joshua's development has been fast and furious to say the least. He's already got six teeth, is starting to stand up with nothing but the sofa to help him and his hand eye coordination is perfect for when he's trying to fish hook me or grab and pull out my beard hair. It mad to think that just over six months ago, Joshua was a new born baby who was unable to do anything other than the eat, drink and poop.

Baby Tantrums Are Real 
When it comes to temper tantrums, you always think of the terrible twos as the period of time that babies try to get their own ways. Joshua however, seems to be happy to tell us when there's something that's not to his liking. Be it the screeching mentioned for more food, the complete meltdown moments when he's put somewhere he doesn't want to be and the wails of where are you, when you've left the room. This is Joshua's world and Alice and I need to be aware that were living in it.

So this is it my four things that we have experienced in the first six months that I wasn't expecting. I hope that you enjoyed this and I look forward to continuing the series when Joshua hits a year old.   

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