Tuesday, 8 May 2018

British Hurricane: Contenders Europe - Group Stage Review

We may be in the final two week stage break, before we enter stage four and while the London Spitfire are currently in the air hangar's, getting repaired and refuelled. The British Hurricane academy team are currently preparing in Poland for their LAN semi-final and hopefully final to end season one of EU Contenders. While the playoffs being on Friday May 12th, we're going to review to the group stage went for the team and what they cane expect going forward. So it's time to goggle up and fang out as we go back over the season so far.

In case you're new to the professional Overwatch scene. The British Hurricane are the academy team that play in Contenders Europe, while the London Spitfire are the main team that play in the Overwatch League. The Hurricane's roster hasn't changed from the start of the season and it hasn't changed from the Open Division when they were under the names of Those Guys. However, if you need a little refresher as to who represents the team, you're able to read my introducing post here!  

Contenders Europe has been running since the start of March and despite their being twelve teams split up into two groups of six and Team Gigantti (winners of Contenders Europe Season 0) returning to defend their crown. The British Hurricane came into the start of the season as both and undefeated team but also the favourites to win the title. The Hurricane were drawn in Group A, along with Angry Titans, Orgless & Hungry, Team Gigantti, Team Singularity and finally That's A Disband. 

Week One - 4-0 Win vs Team Singularity

The boys started their campaign off strong, with a convincing win against Danish side Team Singularity. Despite facing one of the more highly touted EU DPS players in Jacob "Obling" Obling, the Hurricane behind the charge of Cameron "Fusions" Bosworth, Philip "Kragie" Krag & Finley "KYB" Adisi, managed to command the game early and never really looked to be in trouble at any point in this game. It also presented us with a play of the season contender on Numbani, when Hafpor "Hafficool" Hakonarson killed three players on the side of Singularity with a D.Va Self-Destruct ultimate. To then solo hold the payload and get and use a second ultimate in the same fight.

Week Two - 3-2 Win vs Angry Titans

On paper, the Angry Titans could have been considered just as good as the Hurricane and the game against them showed just how good they are. After going 0-1 down, the Hurricane managed to produce a good team effort to win Numbani with a full hold. Yet they were once again on the ropes after the Angry Titans took Hanamura for a 1-2 lead. The Hurricane rallied and brought it to the deciding map of Oasis, where a stellar performance from KYB on Pharah and Ryan "CrusaDe" van Wegan on Moira helped to secure a 2-0 win on Oasis and a 3-2 win overall. 

Week Three - 0-4 Loss vs Orgless & Hungry

Orgless & Hungry played the role of party poopers on Fusions 19th birthday by handing the Hurricane their first ever loss (Those Guys included) and did it in dominating fashion. The team as a whole didn't seem to be on their game despite Orgless losing one of their star players to Toronto Esport in Harrison "Kruise" Pond. The result allowed the team to go away and review area's of their game that didn't work and went wrong. 

Week Four - 4-0 Win vs Team Gigantti

The Hurricane bounced back with a vengeance in week four with a 4-0 win against reigning European champions in Team Gigantti. The tone was set early on Nepal, when Hafficool and Kragi teamed up on D.Va and Zarya for Self-Destruct Quad kill after a perfectly placed Graviton Surge by Kragie. Managing to complete the 4-0 after grinding out a 3-2 win on Dorado. The bounce back ability the team showed was one of the more impressive moments of the season. 

Week Five - 4-0 Win vs That's a Disband

The final week of the group stage was against the bottom team of Group A in That's A Disband and the Hurricane put on another show in their 4-0 victory. They made quick work and showed their  able to play a range of compositions by using Triple Tank to effectively pushing the Payload on Dorado. This win allowed to enter the season playoffs as Group A's top seed. 

Quarterfinals - 3-0 Win vs Young & Beautiful

With the opportunity to attend the Poland LAN semi-finals at stake, the Hurricane didn't take a step backwards and finished the Young & Beautiful in double quick time. The team's dive game was on point and the DPS combination of KYB and Kragie was the best that it had been throughout the tournament so far , only giving away 3 rounds the entire game.

The Hurricane look to be in a great place going into LAN semi-finals vs CIS Hope and have so far lived up to expectations that everyone expected of them. The game will take place on Friday 12th May with the winner facing either, Angry Titans or Team Gigantti. Make sure that you cheer on the Hurricane, who will be wearing their new jersey's that you can see on stage. 

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