Sunday, 22 April 2018

The Underestimation Of Hooreg

When you think of the London Spitfire's DPS core, the first two names that come to mind are Ji-Hyeok "Birdring" Kim and Joon-Yeong "Profit" Park who are widely known for their hyper carry styles of play that can turn a game on it's head. There is however, a third DPS player within the Spitfire team that seems to be largely under appreciated when it come to his play style, that DPS being Dong-Eun "Hooreg" Lee.

With all the highlight reel plays you see being made from DPS players in OWL it's easy to forget that there are supportive or clean up DPS styles in Overwatch as well and Hooreg is one of the best supportive DPS players in the league. This was first on show during APEX Season Four when he was a part of the GC Busan side that completed the first Royal Road (being a rookie that wins the tournament at the first attempt) in APEX history. He and Profit were the DPS duo for Busan and despite coming into Apex as an amateur team, they quickly showed that they weren't a team to be taken lightly.

Despite his more defensive and supportive style, Hooreg's versatility in his hero pool was one of the teams strengths, as during the course of the season he played no less than 10 heroes. Ranging from Widowmaker, Solider 76, McCree and a particularly famed Doomfist, Hooreg's adaptability to play different heroes was not only a huge benefit to the team in regards to strategies but also helped Profit, who was allowed to play his now world famous Genji and Tracer. Coming into the Overwatch League the DPS partnership of Hooreg and Profit was one of the best in the world. They were signed by the London Spitfire prior to the APEX final and were ready to show the world the same thing Korea knew.

It didn't start that way for Hooreg as the Spitfire had also signed Birdring as part of four players coming over from Cloud9 Kongdoo, he and Profit are gaining most of the plaudits for their play in the first two stage, meaning that Dong-Eun "Hooreg" Lee has been left on the outside looking in. He wasn't getting much play time and when he did, it was usually him coming in cold off the bench to allow Birdring or Profit to rest meaning he was never really able to get into a game and show what he's really capable of. This then lead some Spitfire fans to become vocal of their disappointment in his performances. They saw Birding and Profit and felt that Hooreg should also be deleting players from team fights left, right and centre like his DPS buddies, leaving fans wanting more from him and in some cases providing unfair criticism of wanting him traded in some cases.

Hooreg however, has kept his head down and is positive mental attitude up. He's not only been a perfect team mate taking part in the teams media obligations and continuing to work on his play, which has started to come to fruition for Hooreg. Birdring has now started a dip in form that he's been known to have back in his APEX and has also suffered an injured wrist. Meaning that Hooreg has come into the starting line up for the team. He's been on of the best players in a Spitfire struggling to find form in stage three and his mixture of Widow, Pharah and Sombra play has helped to keep the Spitfire competitive, whilst turning around people opinions of him and has started to prove that he does belong in one of the leagues best teams.

While Hooreg will likely lose his place once stage one MVP Birdring finds his form again, both the league and the fans know that when it comes to replacements. Hooreg's attitude and versatility make him one of the best and most valuable back up DPS players in the Overwatch League.
(Picture Taken From The London Spitfire Twitter)

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