Thursday, 26 April 2018

A Seagull Stuck In The Fuel Spill

(Picture from Blizzard)
On the 23rd of September 2017, Team Envyus announced the signing of former NRG star player and popular streamer Brandon “Seagull” Larned. There was a buzz of excitement around the signing of Seagull, as he filled a much needed void within Team Envyus with his ability to play Flex DPS, in particular his Genji and Pharah and his potential partnership with Effect. Projectile DPS was a position that Envyus were desperate to find someone to play and they had their guy in Seagull. Just days before the North American Contenders Season One finals on 8th of October 2017, Team Envyus officially announced that they would be taking part in the Overwatch League representing the City of Dallas as the Fuel. Envyus fans had a confidence that they had a chance to contend in the Overwatch League and they were about to see their new signing help beat Faze Clan in the finals 4-0.

The Overwatch season started and the fuel line that was deemed to be safe and secure, started to crack and leak. Dallas despite a close first result against the Seoul Dynasty, couldn’t find their footing at all. They were in a meta that didn’t suit them, their main tank in Felix “xQc” Lengyal was causing controversy outside of the game and Seagull was being used more as a role player playing Hanzo and Junkrat, rather than the Genji and Pharah heroes that he was brought in to play. The Fuel pipe had burst and started a series of catastrophic events for a team that was once so safe and secure.

The opening of the transfer window arrived and the Dallas management brought in reinforcements, in an attempt to change their fortunes. aKm came in as a free agent from Rogue to attempt to boost the team with his trademark Solider 76 and the Fuel traded for London Spitfire’s Rascal who could play Genji and Pharah among other heroes to leave Seagull left on the bench with what appeared to be no way out. As the weeks went on, the problems for Dallas continued and Seagull was isolated.

Then one now fabled scrim, Taimou was taking too long on his toilet break and the Fuel needed a stand in. Seagull showed just how versatile player he was by playing well enough in that scrim to replace a transitioning to Main-Tank Taimou and start as D’va for stage three. Although he had a good showing the team lost again, Seagull requested a trade though this was turned down as well as an attempted trade by the Los Angeles Valiant. The transfer window was shut, as were Seagulls hopes of getting out of Dallas.

Stage Three had very much gone the same as the rest of the season. Rascal was released at the same time as Head Coach Kyky and despite having Seagull’s ability to play the heroes, aKm was moved on to Projectile DPS over Seagull and the forcing of aKm to play these heroes resulted in a dysfunctional DPS pairing with Effect. With week four of stage three seeing Effect returning to Korea for the rest of the stage and the Fuel’s season being finished already. 

The opportunity is here to allow free Seagull’s wings and let him fly on Genji and Pharah as was intended back in September last year. Let the specialist projectile DPS player, play some of the heroes he is known for playing. Give some hope to the Fuel fans who’ve endured quite possibly one of the worst seasons in sport’s or esports history and finally let the guy who’s been the consummate professional, who’s not complained once and has been consistently overlooked for some players who aren’t as good as Seagull at these positions.

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