Friday, 9 March 2018

Checking Out The Men-Ü Salon Southampton

If there’s one thing that I’ve noticed over the last four months since becoming a parent, it’s that all self care has gone out the window. I’ve regularly forgot to use my skin care products, looked at my hair and think it can last one more month and let my beard grow to a length where it starts to look a shaggy mess. That was until recently when I went into the Men-Ü salon in Southampton to slowly start sorting my life out again.

For those of you wondering, yes this is the same Men-Ü that have a range of male grooming products and who’s products I’ve previously used and reviewed on this blog. Southampton is their flagship salon and has been open for five years, though they have been in their current location on London road for the last year. When I arrived I was welcomed by Andreea, who was going to be looking after me while I was there, offered to have my coat hung up and a hot drink of my choice. The salon has a really nice modern look and a calm atmosphere which really helps make you feel welcome.

Once I was ready, Andreea showed me to my chair and after a short conversation about how I wanted my beard, we started. While some barbers are unessesarily brutal like they’re trying to give you a concussion when they’re giving you a haircut or beard trim, Andreea was the complete opposite. She took her time to make sure that she had everything lined up and that it was exactly how I wanted.

Then it was on to the D-Tox facial, which is Men-U's signature hot towel treatment and uses four of their main products. Andreea started the facial by applying the Healthy Facial wash around my head and neck. Then the first of three hot towels is carefully wrapped around your face, this allows your facial pores to open and allow the D-Tox clay mask to take full effect. Their D-Tox clay face mask is then placed around your T-zone and outside your eyes. This stays on for 5-10 minutes and then the second towel is place over your face to help clear away any excess from the face wash and the Matt "Skin Refresh" Gel which is an ultra concentrated anti shine face gel to work it's way in with a brief face massage. Then it's time for the final hot towel and for Andreea to apply the Men-U Matte Moisturiser and we were finished. In all the D-Tox facial took around 20 to 25 minutes but it was worth it ,because I was so relaxed afterwards, I forgot what my coat looked like.

The Men-U Salon is somewhere I would highly recommend to any man, especially when it comes to the face massage and it's a Salon that I would definitely return to in the future. The bread trim was £10 and the D-Tox Facial £14, both of these are good value for money and I would recommend them to friends and family.
(*Complimentary Treatment For The Purpose Of This Review, See Disclaimer) 

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