Monday, 19 February 2018

Underwear With Bodybranded

When it comes to the clothes we wear, most of us want to feel both comfortable and stylish at the same time. While it’s not always possible to achieve this outcome as it depends on the item of clothing you choose, it can be done when it comes to the essentials, boxers and socks. It’s here that bodybranded have you covered with a wide variety on offer, they won’t be leaving you to go commandos, that’s your decision.

Bodybranded follow the motto "your body, your brands" and have 20 years of experience of providing high end and luxury underwear, socks, nightwear and sportswear to both men and women. When they offered to send me both socks and underwear from Ben Sherman, I was intrigued as I'm someone who usually gets your cheap £5 bundles and never anything that's is deemed to be on the luxury end.

I can now honestly say that it was the right decision as both the socks and underwear have been the most comfortable set that I've worn. The boxers fitted perfectly and didn't move into any comfortable positions, they also sized up well as I’m currently a large and the fit was perfect. The socks were nice and comfortable, the seam isn’t irritating in the slightest and they were thin, but not so thin to have felt like you weren’t wearing any sock at all.

I find having a smart but stylish pair of socks not only helps make your outfit but also prevents you going to the dreaded white sport sock that should only appear during exercise. They also work as the perfect pair for work allowing you to break up the boring black sock. A good sock can also work as an important yet unexpected accessory when it comes to styling an outfit, be it a casual night out or looking dapper in your work suit.

They come in at a reasonable price, as the socks are £8.99 for a pack of three and the boxers are £20.99 also for a pair of three. So whether you're looking for the perfect present or treating yourself, Bodybranded should be your first port of call.

*Items where gifted for review.  

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