Saturday, 3 February 2018

London Spitfire: Stage One, Week Four - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Week four was meant to be the Spitfire facing the final boss in the now 6-1 Seoul Dynasty who were joint top of the league and the slowly improving yet still 0-7 Shanghai Dragons. In truth what happened was that the London Spitfire themselves turned into the final boss and absolutely destroyed both Seoul and Shanghai in convincing 4-0 fashion. With the Spitfire sitting pretty at the top of the league, it's now time to dive into this weeks, The Good, The Bad & The Ugly.

Hopefully by now your a reader who's a couple of weeks in to the London Spitfire: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly, but if you’ve happened to miss Week One, Two or Three, then you can read them in the links. If you’ve read these before you’ll understand the Gesture and process that happens here, but if this your first read of LDSF:GB&U welcome, here’s what's cracking. Each weekend I’ll provide to you what I thought was good about the Spitfire’s performance, what was bad and finally, what was down right ugly. So it's time to jump pack into week four. 

Vs Seoul Dynasty: Lineup - Birdring, Closer, Gesture, HaGoPeun, Rascal, Woohyal - Subs - Bdosin, Fury, Hooreg, NUS & Profit

@Shanghai Dragons: Lineup - Closer, Gesture HaGoPeun, Profit, Hooreg & Woohyal - Subs - Bdosin, Birdring, Fury, NUS & Rascal

The Good
The APEX champions have arrived. We waited for this moment for four weeks, but oh my what a moment it was. The GC Busan side of the roster finally got some playing time and it was a thing of beauty to watch. Closer, HaGoPeun & Woohyal finally joined Profit, Hooreg & Gesture to the stage and quickly made everyone forget about the pre-season performance against the Gladiators.

Now you may remember last week's GB&U, where I wanted to see two main changes happen to improve cohesion in game. Well I may not be the reason why Bishop, JFeel & Changgoon went with it (totally taking the credit here) but the slightly more conservative tank line of Gesture & Woohyal, CRUSHED Seoul and in particular Miro and Zunba. Their chemistry was well known during the royal road run but Gesthyal were on another level on Thursday night. Gesture took his role of Pub Landlord to new heights with a total of 95 evictions from his pub during the match and Woohyal showed perfect timing with both Defence Matrix and Self Destruct Ultimate's on D'va through out the match, creating both the tank and support lines of the Dynasty, with constant problems. 

Also last week I mentioned that I wanted to see what Closer could do as an in game leader instead of NUS. Simply because while NUS was playing really well on Mercy, the calls seemed a little bit sluggish and off. Well with a spam of ultimate's being ready, Closer came in and lead the line brilliantly. Allowing the Spitfire not one but four clear and clean full map holds across the weekend.

Seoul also have what some might say a very good DPS corps. Fleta is known as a machine and the most accurate Pharah so far and Bunny has over 1k more damage on Tracer than any other DPS player. However, Fleta was plucked out of the sky by a great combined effort from the Spitfire DPS Quadrant and Birdring caged Bunny seven times to zero, to prove just why they are unanimously voted the best DPS group in OWL.  

The Other Good
Yep that's right, you're reading it here first. The London Spitfire had no Bad or Ugly moments this week. The entire GC Busan lineup got the start against the Shanghai Dragons and once they started, Shanghai got rolled badly. The Spitfire came out with their second set of full holds in the first two maps this week and then gave Shanghai false hope by letting them build a lead on Control map Illios, just to hit them with the classic Cloud 9 reverse sweep. Only this time it was map percentage and not games. It took the Spitfire a total of one hours and ten minutes to 4-0 the Dragons and they did it without giving away a single point. I don't want to rip the Dragons too hard, but they have a serious amount of work to do, going into to stage two.

Week five is the last week in the regular season of stage one and it comes with a set of very difficult games. Firstly on February 9th at 02:00 GMT the Spitfire face the 5-3 Houston Outlaws and then the second boss fight arrives on February 10th at 19:00 GMT against the 7-1  New York Excelsior

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