Thursday, 15 February 2018

Hangar Talk: Welcome To Hurricane Airspace

From the moment that the Blizzard announced that the Contenders tier two series would continue and be a building block towards playing in OWL, there has been speculation as to who the London Spitfire would be fielding in their academy team for the new season starting in March. Would the Spitfire continue with the spicy Korean feel that the main team has or would they look to a more European team similar to the one Jack wanted to field as part of his original OWL team. Well the wait is over and we can announce that it will be one of the best European teams in the tier two scene that will represent our academy. Welcome to the British Hurricanes!!

The Hurricanes are formed from an already established team in recent Pit Season 2 Champions Those Guys. Those Guys hits a target that fans of the only European team in OWL wanted, as they have a good representation of players from all across Europe. Most importantly for British fans it includes three British born players. As individuals, they vary in both experience and the stardom but as a team they’ve combined together well and are performing to a level that will make them one of the favourites going into the coming tier two season. The drum roll has been rolling long enough, it’s time to welcome you to the academy.


Phillip “Kragie” Krag (Twitch)

After taking a bit of time away from the pro scene to focus on his stream, Kragie is back and coming in to be the Hurricanes primary hitscan DPS player. The Danish Cuck is known as one of the better DPS players within Europe's tier two scene and is well known for some incredible plays with Tracer. Although he's known for his Tracer play, Kragie is able to play Solider 76 and McCree both to high levels, meaning that he has is in a good position no matter what composition the Hurricane play.

Findlay “KYB” Adisi (Twitch)

Kyb is the first of three British players to be playing for the Hurricane and will be partnering Kragie from the projectile DPS spot. If you followed Contenders Season One you'll recognise that Kyb is having a home coming of sorts, after playing for Cloud 9 EU last season. With one of the best Genji's in the game and an underrated Doomfist, Kyb is set perfectly to be a consistent threat from the projectile DPS role. 


Cameron "Fusions" Bosworth (Twitch)

The second British player on the team, Fusions came into the scene with Mosaic eSport as a main tank and his Reinhardt play instantly made him a stand out. During the recent dive meta, Fusions picked up Winston and had great success with the rest of Those Guys during the recent PIT championship win. Fusions is able mix and match his play style to that of his team and is definitely a player to keep an eye out for.

Hafpor "Hafficool" Hakonarson (Twitch)

Hafficool is probably the most experienced member of the Hurricanes, having previously played Team Fortress 2 at a professional level. In Overwatch Hafficool has played for the like of Fnatic and last season's Contenders EU 4th place team 123. As the teams main off tank player Hafficool has a preferance to play more D'Va than anything else, however if a change of pace is required, he's more than happy to flex into a DPS hero to provide a third damage dealer. 


Ryan "CrusaDe" Van Wegen (Twitch)

CrusaDe is the second member of the Hurricane to have a homecoming of sort having played on Cloud9 EU with Kyb. Although CrusaDe is a Lucio main who's about to return to his element with the recent change in meta, he's no one trick pony having both Ana and Zenyatta in his hero pool. Having played for Holland in the Overwatch World Cup quailifers last year and being the most experience and versatile support player on the team. CrusaDe is also the team shot caller when it comes to big game decisions. 

Daniel "Funnyastro" Hathaway (Twitch)

Funnyastro is the youngest member of the British Hurricane at just 17 years old from the support role, he's also the player that has potentially the biggest up side. Having burst on to the scene with Those Guys, Astro (as he prefers to be called if you're shortening his name) is one of the best Lucio mains in the European region. While he doesn't have the experience or hero pool of the other supports. He's in the perfect position to learn and improve whilst being a part of the Hurricane and has shown flashes of talent during tier two games this season, he's also the last of the British players on the team. 

Jakob "Bock1" Kleveland (Twitch)

Bock1 is a support main who specialises in playing both Ana and Zenyatta. He has experience playing in contenders having been a part of the same 123 team as current team mate Hafficool last season but also being a part of the team that were runners up in Season Zero. Bock1 brings a nice complimenting calm to CrusaDe's more aggressive style and his Ana is one that works well and a hero that you're likely to be seeing often through the competition.

The team will be supported by two well known members of staff, team manager and team mum Ysabel "Noukky" Muller who will be able to understand where the players are coming from having previously played support herself and team coach Nicolas "Shifty" Travis continues to coach the team he's has early success with after previously coaching Team Dignitas.

With the announcement of the British Hurricanes finally arriving, I now can't wait to see the boys continue to show themselves as one of the best European teams within the professional Overwatch scene and Contenders EU.

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