Saturday, 27 January 2018

OWL: Five Free Agents That Should Be Signed Before Stage Two

We're just over half way through stage one of OWL and we're just getting an idea of which teams are in a good position and which are in need of some sort of improvement to turn their fortunes around. The free agency period began January 22nd and any players not assigned to an OWL team can be picked up. Today I'm going to be choosing five players who I feel would make an intimidate impact to these teams. I'll state what team I feel would be the best fit for both player and team. 

1. Miraculous Youngster - Shanghai Dragons
I wanted to get the biggest want/need done and out the way first. Although Shanghai are slowly improving, there's still only so much more carrying the DPS duo of Fang "Undead" Chao and Lu "Diya" Weida  can do. Miraculous Youngster are the team that every one expect to be playing for the Dragons and with the players now released from the team, it should make it easier for Shanghai to pick them up. The Dragons are in huge need at the tank and support positions, so picking up Wei "Jiqiren" Yansong as the main tank, Ma "Lateyoung" Tianbin at off tank and the leadership of shot caller Yan "Creed" Xiao would help sure up the worst team in the league and give the DPS players some much needed support.

2. Russell "FCTFCTN" Campbell - Dallas Fuel
FCTFCTN is one of the best tanks in the professional scene, so it was pretty surprising to see him as a free agent when the OWL season started. I don't expect that to be the case for very long at all going into stage two. The Dallas Fuel are in all sorts of trouble when it comes to results and finding their form and it seems to me that their tanks just aren't finding the same page at the moment. With Felix "xQc " Lengyel suspended until stage two, Pongphop "Mickie" Rattanasangchod and Christian "Cocco" Jonsson struggling to find form, FCTFCTN's would be able to come in and bring a different tempo to the team.

3. Dylan "aKm" Bignet, Michael "Winz" Bignet & Jean-Louis "KnoxXx" Boyer - Florida Mayhem
Lets be honest here, Florida are struggling. The smallest roster in the league don't fit the current Mercy meta at all. Their tanks aren't protecting, their supports can't patch up their teammates quick enough and the range of DPS heros just aren't there, they need more variety. For me the simple answer is to pick up the remaining Rogue members. AKm is the best player in the free agency period right now and probably the most unlucky to not have started the season off with a team. His variety of DPS heroes will be an instant boost to the Mayhem. Winz would be a great slot for the Mayhem from the flex position with his Lucio, Zarya and Solider 76 play and Knox would be able to be brought from Eagle gaming where his outstanding Winston play would be an instant upgrade for Florida.

Edit: It's been announced today that Dylan "aKm" Bignet has now signed with the Dallas Fuel. This is something that I previously said would help a struggling Dallas Fuel.

4. Harrison "Kruise" Pond - Houston Outlaws
Ok, so there may be a slight bit of bias here in including Kruise but here me out before totally discrediting this thought. Kruise has just returned to his roots of playing support and has probably timed this very well as we are (hopefully) soon to be out of this Mercy meta and into one where Lucio returns and thrives. Houston have started really well and can push on further by making their supports corps that bit stronger. Kruise will be able to do that and can play Mercy if for some reason we stay in the current meta fairly well, is renown for his play on Lucio and if the Outlaws wanted to go to three DPS, Kruise could flex into that role to help the team also.

Edit: So this was more of a wishlist selection of Kruise to the Outlaws as I would like to see him with the support the Outlaws would provide (and London Spitfire Kruise isn't going to happen) Kruise would actually be a good fit within the San Francisco Shock right now. DhaK is straight up struggling to play Mercy, his positioning is getting him to be caught out consistently and this is putting more pressure on Sleepy. Kruise is able to play Mercy to a good level and in my opinion, a better Lucio player than dhaK. His versatility is still hugely important to the Shock and the option for triple DPS lives even when Sinatraa is available/.

5.Sang-Hoon "Kaiser" Ryu - Los Angeles Gladiators
Kaiser was part of a Runaway team that came 2nd to GC Busan during APEX Season four and is one of the most well liked players in the professional scene. While Runaway themselves have always said that they wanted to partake in the Overwatch League together as a team, Kaiser has since left to try and make it on his own. He's the ideal pick up for a "western" team due to his previous experience playing with Cloud 9 and should be able to fit in well with the Gladiators. Los Angeles currently have both Joon-Seong "Asher" Choi and Aaron "Bischu" Kim who are from South Korea and ex Cloud 9 team mate Lane "Surefour" Roberts, so integrating into the Gladiators should be a smooth process. Kaiser to me is an upgrade over Luis Galarza "iRemiix" Figueroa who hasn't had the best start to the season, and he would be able to jump straight in and make a difference to a team that should be looking at the playoffs as it's goal.

So here's my 5 players that would be great pickup during the free agency period. Let me know if you agree with my suggestions and if not, who would you like you team to pick up?

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