Monday, 22 January 2018

London Spitfire: Stage One, Week Two - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Week two of the London Spitfire’s inaugural season was expected to be harder than the week before with the Spitfire facing off against two of the best teams in the west, The Dallas Fuel and the Los Angeles Valiant. The results however were the same as the week before, smashing Dallas 3-1 on Friday (early hours Saturday for us European fans) dropping The Fuel To 0-4 and then being pushed to the very last map against a strong Valiant side, putting them 2-2.

If you followed and read last weeks Good, Bad & Ugly, then you’ll know the score. Otherwise, the concept of this is pretty straight forward. I review the two games of each weekend and provide to you with what I thought was good about the Spitfire performance, what was bad and finally what was down right ugly.

Week Two 
At Dallas Fuel: Lineup - Bdosin, Birdring, Fury, Gesture, Profit & NUS. Sub - Rascal
Vs LA Valiant: Lineup - Bdosin, Birdring, Fissure, Fury, Profit & NUS. Subs - Rascal & Gesture

The Good
The levels of communication were vastly improved between the players for week two and it was clear to see in game. They showed good awareness in both games, firstly by performing a very nice pincer move on the Dallas Fuel on Junkertown attack to help secure all three points and then Bdosin on Zenyatta, ensuring that SoOn wasn't able to back cap against the payload on Eichenwalde, like he'd done against Dallas the week before.

The DPS paring of Birdring and Profit, were on another level again this week. Birdring played really well on Tracer and stepped up big with his Widowmaker in the deciding map five against the Valiant, while Profit showed once again just why his Genji is so deadly with a series of well timed Dragonblades all weekend. Profit also showed his more in your face DPS with a great performance on Reaper during point one on the Junkertown attack against the Fuel.

Fury showed why he's quickly being deemed one of the best D'Va's in the league with a K/D difference of +24 for the weekend. He was able to soak up damage when needed and was effective with his self destructs ultimate's, helping Fury to pick up a well deserved MVP award against the Valiant. This week also saw the successful introduction of Rascal as Junkrat on Horizon Luna Colony and Fissure playing as Winston and Reinhardt. With the introduction of both players, it saw the Spitfire play with more aggressively and at a faster tempo, so this is something to look out for in the future.
The Bad
Oasis turned out to be a map that the Spitfire just could not win. Both Dallas and Los Angeles managed to bully the Spitfire off the Control point on a regular basis and both took this map off of the Spitfire. Although there's currently no concern over control maps right now, due to the wins they had on Horizon Luna Colony & Lijiang Tower. There is however, work to be done on Oasis as ideally it's a group of maps that the Spitfire should expect to win more often than not.

The Ugly
There are few things that are certain in life, but death, taxes and someone from the Spitfire pulling the famed C9. After Profit being the star of this show last week, Gesture felt like it was his turn to step up to the mark and perform the fabled C9, during the defence of Numbani against the Dallas Fuel. On defence at point three, after just being resurected by NUS on a staggered defence. Gesture when on the attack instead of stayinh around the payload. This allowed the Fuel to nudge the Payload that last few feat for the map. Thankfully the Spitfire won the Numbani map, but it's becoming more and more apparent that this may not go away.

Week three sees the Spitfire play the 2-2 San Francisco Shock andthe1-3 Boston Uprising. Hopefully leading to the team being 6-0.

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