Friday, 26 January 2018

London Spitfire: Stage One, Week Three - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Stage one, week three technically should have been an easier week for the London Spitfire with games against the San Francisco Shock and the Boston Uprising both being more than winnable. While the Shock went a long with the script, in a 3-1 win for the Spitfire. Boston decided that they were going to have their own revolution against their British overlords and handed the Spitfire a 2-3 loss and their first defeat of the season.

This is the third week of the London Spitfire: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly, but if you’ve happened to miss Week One & Week Two, then you can read them in the links in bold. If you’ve read these before you’ll know the score, but if this your first read of LDSF:GB&U welcome, here’s the deal. Each weekend I’ll provide to you what I thought was good about the Spitfire’s performance, what was bad and finally, what was down right ugly. So let’s barrel roll into week three!

At the Shock - Lineup: Bdosin, Birdring, Fissure, Fury, Profit & NUS - Subs: Hooreg
Vs the Uprising - Lineup: Bdosin, Birdring, Fury, Gesture, Hooreg & NUS - Subs: Rascal & Profit

The Good vs The Shock
Bdosin was an absolute god when it came to his play on Zenyatta this weekend. Against the Shock he was a support turned sniper and was causing all kinds of trouble throughout the match. He managed to hold the line on his own on point one of Eichenwalde's defence and then did as much damage as healing (25k) throughout the match.

Hooreg came in on Eichenwalde and showed how good his Pharah is, dealing 31% of the teams damage on that map. He also teamed up well with Fury to pick off DhaK on a regular basis.
Speaking of Fury, he was lights out on D'Va & Roadhog against the Shock. His play of the game was hooking Sleepy who was an invisible Sombra on Horizon Luna Colony.
Birdring and Babybay went 1v1 on Widowmaker throughout the match and it ended up with Birdring putting Baby in the corner, on more than one occasion.
Profit's Genji is ridiculous. On Oasis, Profit managed to Dragonblade Babybay's Junkrat Rip-Tire not once but twice on University on his way to a 10:1 KD.

Finally it's time to update the C9 board, as we hit week three and no Spitfire caused a Cloud 9.

The Bad vs The Uprising
The Uprising caused a shock to the system by providing the Spitfire their first loss in the Overwatch League. Over the five game series, Boston were the better team and came in with an aggressive game plan that the Spitfire couldn't handle. Gamsu and the dive comp of the Uprising had a main target in mind, that target being Bdosin's Zenyatta and they managed to find him repeatedly, disrupting the Spitfire's game plans all match long.

While Gesture and Fury are very good at the main tank and off tank roles, it seems to me that their styles still aren't quite matching up. It may be time to go one way or the other and have Gesture team up with his fellow GC Busan star Woohyal and be slightly more defensive on the dive or continue with Fissure and Fury but be more aggressive and everyone go at once. As right now trying to pair aggression and caution is making things look a little confused. 

Speaking of confusion, I'm wondering if it's time to see what the GC Busan and in particular Closer can do. NUS is currently the likely shot caller for the current team but to me it seems that there's a bit of uncertainty around calls.  Closer's likely to get more time once the Mercy meta ends and Lucio rises again. I want to see what these guys can do before stage two.

The Ugly vs Control

We've reached week three and Control map types have caused the engines to stall. The Spitfire have now lost to Dallas, LA Valiant, San Francisco & Boston when it comes to the control game type. It's strange to see a Korean team that like to fight but not skirmish. There's a lot of work to do for them to do to get this up to scratch as one in five map win's isn't good enough. I'm sure that I along with everyone else is wishing that a pick/ban phase comes in because we all know what's first out the door.

So that's it for this weeks version of The Spitfire: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly. Week four sees the Spitfire go up against one of the best teams in the league in the Seoul Dynasty and then one of the worst in the Shanghai Dragons. 

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