Sunday, 15 October 2017

Things That Made Alice Cry During Pregnancy

Pregnancy, as we all know is a very difficult time for women for very various reasons. They go through so many changes during those nine months of baby growing that sometimes things are just a little bit too much to deal with and the tears come. Due to these little things called hormones, Alice has moments where she's become upset over the last few months when she normally wouldn't so today I'm going to share my list I've been keeping with you. 

Just in case anyone was wondering if I have Alice's permission for this, I do and she was actually the one who suggested that I post these on my blog. This is therefore in no way malice, I just thought it be a funny post to share and of course look back on with her when everything has levelled out again. So here is the list I've been keeping on things that made Alice cry:
  • A Beagel winning its category at Cruffs
  • She couldn't get her arm in her dressing gown 
  • She decided she wanted a Sheltie and I said no
  • A dog and its owner missed each other during Supervet
  • An Otter pup was almost abandoned on The Secret Life of The Zoo
  • She didn't want to eat eggs as they're chicks & she didn't want someone to eat her baby
  • She had to wash her hair
  • I stole one of her chips
  • I apparently messed up dinner because Mexican food is messy
  • I told her that I was going to let her sleep and creep away
  • I gave her a red Haribo and they're my favourite
  • She was annoying me and I told her so
  • We only had two episodes of RuPaul's Drag Race to catch up on
  • I pretended and threatened to tickle her feet
  • Wanted to hoover but couldn't
  • After an argument, she wanted to know if we were still friends
  • I blew in her face
  • She wanted a Burger
  • I asked her to do Wusa from Bad Boys 2
  • The Amazon advert when the baby didn't like the dog until it looked like a Lion.
  • Alice was yawning and I stuck my finger in her mouth
  • Because she loved her baby shower so much.
  • Her dad bought her a watermelon
  • She had a three day bank holiday to spend with me
  • I spoke like David Attenborough when she tried to get up once. 
  • I showed her a Porg from the new Star Wars film
  • I've told her that she needs to sleep and rest.    

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