Sunday, 16 July 2017

Esports Events I'd Love To Attend

If you have been following me on Twitter then you would've no doubt seen my numerous live tweets during professional gaming events. These Electronic Sports or esport events are just like any other sporting events. The best players and teams in the world all come together to compete in major tournaments for prize money, but to also give us fans the opportunity to see our favourite players and teams to the best they can, with some high light real plays in between.

I've never been fortunate enough to attend any major esport tournaments, but I'll watch any live Counter Strike Global Offensive, Hearthstone, League of Legends and Overwatch professional games as I can possibly watch. I've picked out my favourite events to watch from home that I would love to attend live.

Counter Strike Global Offensive - ESL One Cologne

This time last year ESL One Cologne was the first Counter Strike tournament I watched really sat down and watched. There are four majors a year in counter strike and I don't think I could have picked a better one to start with. Be it the dominance of SK Gaming over everyone or Simple's double no scope with the AWP, after coming down from Heaven on Cache. This tournament had it all. I'm super excited for the PGL Krakow Major that starts today.

League of Legends - Worlds

League of Legends was the first game that I played online after a many year hiatus from gaming and it's honestly the game that started my journey into esports (and my boy Mike). League has 5 continental regions, where the best teams in the world all come together for a knock out tournament to be named the best. The excitement is real for this once a year tournament.

Hearthstone - HCT Championships

Hearthstone is a game that has really grown on me the last few months, originally it was my go to game to chill out to (which you can see here). The games are fast and unpredictable thanks to the random number generation of the game, this produces some amazing games to watch. The HCT championships is where the 16 best individual players come to prove their skill and nerve under pressure.

Overwatch - World Cup

Overwatch is the new boy on the esports scene and is still trying to find it's feet. It does however do one thing very well and that's the Overwatch World Cup. This brings the best 6 players from the top 32 countries in the world together to prove which nation has the best all around players. Overwatch is a fast past over the top action game that really requires good team work and champion comps. It's this flow that makes the game so good to watch.


Dreamhack events to me are THE ultimate multi sport gaming events. Dreamhack are one of the originators when it come to LAN events and offer a wide range of games for attendees to view. So whether it be one of the games mentioned above or a fighting game. Dreamhack events usually have something for everyone. Your also allowed to bring your own set up to compete against other players at Dreamhack so that you can get in on the action.

So these are the five events I'd love to go and attend. If you've been to a live esport event, how was is? Was it all that you wanted and expected it to be?


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