Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Spring Style

The colder winter months have started to fade, your thick woolly jumpers can start to stay in the back of your wardrobe and it time for you to dig out those Spring and Summer favourites in the faint hope that this is going to be the year that we have a decent spell of weather. If you're like me and have this in mind then take a look into what I plan to wear as the weather starts to warm. 

If you read my New Year, New Style post. You'll see that I was going to try different clothing styles that I've wanted to try for a few years but hadn't had the confidence previously to do so. I've taken that stance in mind and started to redesign my wardrobe with some of my new favourite brands and styles, whilst on a nice weekend walk with Alice and friends.  

Zara Man T-Shirt

Until recently, Zara has always been a brand that I've felt have never fitted the style of clothes I thought I would be comfortable in or have a style that I particularly liked. I also had this idea that a lot of their items were over priced so never ventured in there. So I was surprised to find myself trying and liking a few of their items. I've felt most comfortable in their standard short sleeved pocket T-Shirts, which I find size up really well and feel light to wear on those spring days where the temperature starts to rise. 

New Look Hoodie

We all know that the weather in Spring is unpredictable at the best of times, so having a hoodie with you most of the time is generally a good idea when it comes to this time of year. I find that although it can get cold a big fleece lined hoodie isn't the one this time of years so having a simple medium thickness hoodie is always good idea. The Hoodies from New Look do just the job, the hood is big enough to cover your entire head from the rain when it starts but the thickness is just right to keep you dry on those grey windy days and not too hot on the ones when it doesn't quite become hot enough to strip to the bear minimum you can get away with in public.  

Primark Super Stretch Skinny Jeans

Now if you previously read my New Year, New Style post. You'll be aware that trying out skinny jeans were something that I'd detested in my younger days but had gotten to a point where I wanted to try them out. I decided not to go all out and drop a stupid amount on a product I might not like and tested with Primark as they were cheap and do the job I required from them, I now understand the reason they have become so popular! These have been the most comfortable pair of jeans that I've probably ever worn. The sizes can be a bit off (I'm usually a 32 but these are a bit too big) but they have lasted well, not faded and provide just the right amount of stretch.

Nike Roshe NM Flyknit SE's

I'm a big fan of the Nike Flyknit series especially during the Spring and Summer months for just the comfort alone. Flyknit trainers are designed to feel like a perfect fit and feel like a second skin so they are easily the most comfortable trainers I've ever worn. This isn't including the how lightweight and supportive they are and the amount of breath-ability they give your feet which helps against any bad smells that you can quickly get with some trainers. As it's Nike, the range of colours are endless and are a solid choice for this time of the year. 

So this is my entry style in to Spring, I'm going to see what in which direction my style goes. but I'm looking forward to continuing to show this with you all. What's your favourite items for spring?

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