Thursday, 1 December 2016

My Christmas Wishlist

It's that time of year, Christmas is here and it's everywhere we look, Now it's hit December I'm more than happy to join in the festive season hype. Now when it comes to Christmas I seem to be quite hard to buy for, not because I want everything new and expensive, I am just happy and grateful for what ever I receive. So in an attempt to help with this, here is my Christmas wishlist.

TurtleBeach Recon 50x Headset - £30
Now I have an Xbox One, games and accessories are now a on my priority list for presents. With gaming headsets I have only ever had the one pair and they lasted me for over 10 years. I love the durability of TurtleBeach headset's for the Xbox and I wouldn't expect anything different from the Recon 50x.

Final Fantasy XV - £40
The Final Fantasy series is what got me into gaming originally and I have loved every minute of the story from each game. This doesn't look like it is going to change in following the story of Noctis and Lunafreya as they work their way around the ensuing war between Lucis and Niflhiem. The graphics look incredible and the Devil May Cry style seems to fit Final Fantasy to a tee.

Madden NFL 17 -£40
I'm a big NFL fan and Madden was a game that I always bought year on year without fail, up until I hit university a few years ago. The graphics and game play have improved and I've missed building a franchise from the bottom all the way to the super bowl.

Football Manager 2017 - £30
I can spend hours and even days playing Football Manger. When ever I get it I will get 7-10 seasons from each game going from league two and building upwards. The challenge is always more fun and exciting for me this way and the fact that Brexit conditions effect the game from a UK club perspective interests me even more. I also always end up in a competition with my mate in duo games and this year will be no different.

Arrow and The Flash - £30 each
I'm a pretty big superhero geek and when it comes to TV shows and films, DC's Arrow and The Flash are by far the best TV Shows on television right now. I enjoy these so much that I even started getting comics for both. I have seen most of The Flash but only the first season of Arrow and as the two series interlink a lot, I feel I need both to understand the whole picture.

Nike Air Force 1's - £75
I will generally always get a new pair of kicks for Christmas, it's seems to have become a present tradition for me. I love the Air Force 1 collection, they are comfy whilst looking stylish and on point. I always try and get them in Black, Red and White because that's the colours of my old American Football team whilst at university and that was the last time I had a pair.

Team EnVyUs Jersey - £55
I am a huge esports fan and have wanted a team jersey for a good few years now. I follow Team EnVyUs who started on consoles with Call of Duty and progressed in to games such as League of Legends and Overwatch. I absolutely love the EnVyUs jerseys and getting one of their jerseys would make my Christmas. 

That's the end of my Christmas Wishlist. I don't expect to get everything from this list but I will be happy with just a few of these items. What's on your wishlist this Christmas.

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