Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Hello Handsome Beard Grooming Kit

It's finally Christmas week and if you're anything like me you're in full festive mode and counting the days as each one passes. As there's still a few days left and if you have a bearded companion that you're still looking for that last present for this Christmas, then Hello Handsome's Bread Grooming Kit could be for you.

The Hello Handsome Grooming Kit contains the Facial Fuel beard wash, Tame the Mane beard wax and a comb all for £8.95, which makes it the perfect gift or stocking filler.

The Facial Fuel comes in 45ml bottle and can be used as part of your facial skin routine whilst in the shower alongside your favourite face cleanser, exfoliater and wash or if you've just gotten home after work and need to quickly freshen up before going out into the evening. The Apricot scent makes your beard smell nice and not over the top like some washes can, but also it leaves your beard feeling soft and without any irritation. I have found that I have used this often as part of my facial wash routine and I will honestly miss this once it runs out.

The Tame the Mane beard wax comes within a small 15g tub and is perfect to keep your beard or moustache feeling fresh and prevent it from feeling hard and brittle. Just a small amount, just the size of a thumb nail or a 2 pence piece is enough to cover your face and allow you to style your mane in anyway you feel that day. 

For the price it's a gift set that while being useful and practical, it's not going to set you or your wallet/purse back much at all and it will be a product that your friend with hair will appreciate. 

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