Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Flapjacked Mighty Muffins and Pancakes Mixes

With Christmas edging closer each day and the usual thoughts that I will eat everything in sight over the holiday period, to then start afresh in the New Year. I decided to to get a head start with the healthy eating and starting"fresh year, fresh eating" ideology a little early.

I have been trying to find a healthy snack as either a post gym or through out the day treat, that isn't my usual Peanut M&Ms and managed to do so whilst looking through my Twitter feed. I came across FlapJacked through a tweet that Amanda Bootes shared of her Mighty Muffin and had to try some for myself.

FlapJacked provide a healthy alternative for you to whilst also providing a fix for a sweet tooth. Both the Mighty Muffins and the Protein Pancake Mixes contain 20g of Protein, so that your able to get a good amount of your daily intake whether your  in the bulking or cutting phase of your gym cycle. Whilst being high in protein, Flapjacked products are also high in fibre, Gluten free, contain nothing artificial or GMO and also have Probiotics at just 240 calories per serving. 

The Mighty Muffins come in 6 different flavours at the current time: Double Chocolate, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Peanut Butter, Cinnamon Apple, S'mores and Maple Pumpkin. All you have to do is add 60ml of water, give them a good stir and then microwave for between 45 seconds to 1 minute and they are ready to eat once cooled, providing you with a snack with a minimal amount of effort. So far my favourites have been Double Chocolate, Cinnamon Apple and S'mores but they all taste nice and a lot better than most protein based products. 

With the Pancake mixes, you're able to get them in 4 different flavours, Banana Hazelnut, Buttermilk, Carrot Spice and Cinnamon Apple. On the back are the instructions to not only create pancakes but cookies and waffles as well. The added extra benefit here is that you can pick and choose if you want them plain or to add a little something extra into them. 

After struggling to find something that was sweet whilst also providing myself a healthy alternative, I am really glad that I came across the FlapJacked products and they will become a staple of my gym diet once January comes around. Have you tried any FlapJacked products, and if you did what are your thoughts?

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