Sunday, 27 November 2016

Tacobell Rings In Southampton

I am a huge fan of Mexican food so when I found out that Tacobell was coming to Southampton, I was pretty damn excited. I was invited to a VIP Launch Party alongside the girls from Southampton Bloggers, some other influcencers within the local area and the 3 golden taco winners (If you saw my tweets, 3 people who found the golden tacos won a years supply for free!)

Tacobell have recently started to push towards opening further in the United Kingdom and the franchise that has opened in Southampton is the 13th in the country and is the first Southern branch lower than London.

I arrived at 6pm to be welcomed and invited to look at the drinks and starter menu choices. They serve alcohol as well as what you would usually expect at a fast food restaurant so I decided to try the Tequila Lime Slushi's and some of the Nacho's and the Cheesy Chips (Both were ridiculously good). After being told a bit more about Tacobell and how the franchise has expanded, we then got to try the mains.

I was able to sample the whole menu that was on offer and really enjoyed the Beef and Chicken Taco's which you can have in either a hard or soft shell, The Chicken and Pulled Pork Quesadilla and the Crunchwrap Supreme which is a soft wrapped Tortilla that you can have with either Mexican Chicken or Beef. I got to try my favourite Mexican food which is the Burrito, but they didn't taste as good as I was expecting. I am going to give them another go though as I will put it down to being the opening night. Finally I had one of their deserts the Kitkat Chocodilla, which tasted so good. I was hoping for more chocolate inside though.

I then managed to have a bit of fun on the photo both with the group, there was of course props and I feel that the Tacohawk picture I have here is quite possibly my favourite. Southampton's Tacobell opened officially on 23rd Novemeber so it is open now, if you wanted to try their tasty Mexican food go in and take a look.

Have you been to Tacobell? If so how did you find it?

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