Tuesday, 16 August 2016

My Gaming Set Up

Today I want to share my fairly humble gaming set up. Now it isn't the most flash or technologically advanced set up you're ever going to see but it is something that I have slowly put together over a period of time and I am happy with it. Up until around March, I was predominantly a console gamer. I had dabbled in some PC gaming with League of Legends but I never decided that it would be my focus, until I managed to piece together the following...

HP Pavillion Laptop 15 - AB150SA 
This is an entry to mid range level laptop when it comes to gaming. Coming with an AMD A8-7410 APU, 8GB of RAM and 2TB of storage. This has the ability to play games on the medium specs required. I personally haven't had a problem running Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Hearthstone or League of Legends with any GPU problems. Coming with Window 10 as standard (which I love) and Bang & Olufsen audio system which works beautifully both in game and out, I really can't fault this laptop for what I need it for.

Mad C.A.T.Z RAT3 Gaming Mouse
Looking like a Transformers foot, the RAT3 optical mouse from Mad C.A.T.Z is quite possibly my favourite mouse design that I've ever seen. Considering that most gaming mice in my opinion seem to have a focus on being as slim and streamline as possible, the RAT3 is the completely other way. Focusing on being comfortable for the user the RAT3 has 4 different DPI (Dots Per Inch) settings of 450, 900, 1800 and 3200 meaning that at one click of a button you're able to change the in game sensitivity to meet your requirements. It also has two additional buttons on the left hand side of the mouse to help with in game commands and finally a gold plated USB connector and woven wire protector to help with longevity.

Roccat Kanga Mousemat
Before I started PC gaming I honestly thought that the least important part of any set up was a mouse mat, I can't tell you how wrong I was. It's something I've learnt very quickly when I switched from your bog standard plastic mouse mat to this. The Kanga is 320mm width by 270mm length by 2mm depth, so it is your standard size of gaming mouse mat. During its design it was tried and tested with 85 different gaming mice and you can really see this in the way it tracks the mouse during game play. Its cloth surface means there is nothing for your mouse to get caught on while playing and when you're finished it's easy to clean and roll up for storage. This is by far my best purchase.

Turtle Beach Ear Force X1's
Released October of 2006 the Turtle Beach Ear Force x1's were the original entry level gaming headset for both Xbox 360 and PC gaming. 10 years on, somehow my pair are still working. The x1's are a light headset and provide a nice clear sound which is vital for games where you need to know the direction that potential enemies are going to be coming from. The lead is extremely long as its initial audience was for Xbox 360 players, which can be annoying over time but the durability of this headset is truly impressive. The only downside I have found would be the material on the ear covers and the headband, as it has now started to peel everywhere. Apart from those small problems, the x1's really have been a stable part of my set up.

So that's it, my humble set up is complete for now. Hope you enjoyed this post, as there will be more gaming ones to come as we go along.

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