Friday, 2 August 2019

Report: Cai "Krystal" Shilong Is Not In LA With Hangzhou Teammates, Still In Sparks Headquarters. Wanted To Join Boston Uprising.

This is an update regarding yesterday's post you can see here

Hangzhou Spark DPS player Cai "Krystal" Shilong is not with the team in Los Angeles and is currently at the teams Shanghai Headquarters, despite the Spark indicating that he had returned to the team sources close to the situation have told haloofthoughts.

The saga first started when the Hangzhou Spark announced that Krystal was 10 days late in returning from his vacation and that he was being fined 3 times his salary for those 10 days. The Spark had indicated that Krystal how returned to the team in Los Angeles, however, sources close to the situation have confirmed that Krystal is actually in the teams Shangahi headquarters and has been since he returned from his holiday on the 16th July.

Multiple sources have also stated that it was in fact the Hangzhou Spark who dealt with Krystal's visa applications, meaning that the team were aware that Krystal did not have the travel visa he required when his application to leave the United States via his work visa was not completed and what Krystal needed to return to the country.

Sources also confirmed that Krystal personally asked the team to handle the travel and visa arrangements for him to avoid a situation such as this, he informed the Spark on the 16th July when he was meant to return to Los Angeles but could not fly. Krystal has been in the teams headquarters in Shanghai since then.

Multiple league and close to the sitution have also told that when the Boston Uprising contacted the Hangzhou Spark earlier this season to try and trade for Krystal, the teams did enter negotiations but they ended when the Spark told Boston that Krystal was not interested in the move and Krystal that Boston were not interested in him. However, sources have confirmed that this was not the case and that Krystal did indeed want to join the Boson Uprising and Boston were interested in trading for Krystal.

With Krystal still being in China, the chances of Krystal returning to Los Angeles and getting up to speed with the current meta are slim, meaning that his playing career at the Hangzhou Spark may already be over.

Haloofthoughts reached out to the Hangzhou Spark but they declined to comment. We were unable to reach Kystal for Comment.

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(Picture Credit: Robert Paul & Overwatch League)


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