Thursday, 8 August 2019

Atlanta Reign Off-Tank Dong-Hyung "Daco" Seo Is Still With The Reign, Despite Branding Removal.

Atlanta Reign Off-Tank Dong-Hyung "Daco" Seo is still apart of the Reign organisation and has not been told he will be released from the organisation, despite him recently removing all Atlanta branding from his social media pages, sources with knowledge of the situation as told haloofthoughts.

The removal of the Atlanta Reign's branding was first noticed by the league's fans and shared on the Competitive Overwatch subreddit on Tuesday. This has lead to rumours circulating that the team and Daco may be parting ways this off-season, but sources with knowledge of the current situation have confirmed that this is not the case as Daco is still a part of the Reigns roster, is needed by the team and has not been told he is no longer in the teams plans.

With the 2-2-2 meta slowly beginning to take shape after the Overwatch League introduced Role Lock in Stage 4, the Off-Tank position has started to see more Roadhog being played alongside D.Va. Sources have stated that the reason Nathan "frd" Goebel has been introduced into Atlanta's line up is due to his chemistry with Main Tank Hyeon-Jun "Pokpo" Park being better in the current Orisa/Roadhog meta and due to FRD having a wealth of experience on Roadhog throughout his career.

While Daco was benched by the Reign earlier this season due to his behaviour, it is currently unknown as to why he has decided to remove all of the teams branding at the current time. However, the Atlanta Regin have not had any further problems with Daco and see this as a non issue, sources have claimed. 

Atlanta has been one of the best teams at the start of Stage 4, currently sitting in first place in the standings after comfortable wins against the Hangzhou Spark, Paris Eternal and Houston Outlaws. With the Reign being in the hunt for the Play-In tournament that replaces the Stage 4 playoffs and with an outside shot of earning an automatic spot in the postseason playoffs. They will want to keep the momentum going throughout the rest of the seasons' final stage.

Haloofthoughts contacted the Atlanta Reign for comment but they declined.

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(Picture Credit: Ben Purcell & Robert Paul for Blizzard's Overwatch League)

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