Tuesday, 6 August 2019

Aces High: An Interview With London Spitfire DPS Jun-Young "Profit" Park

With the Overwatch League and the London Spitfire in the home stretch of the 2019 season, attention is starting to head towards the playoffs in both the play-in tournament and the playoffs to make the Grand Finals. Stage 4 has started off strongly for the Spitfire, despite the teams surprising loss to the Florida Mayhem they sit on a healthy 3-1 record going into their final 3 games of the stage. Today’s Aces High features an interview with the teams star DPS player who's been able to return to the heroes he's known for due to the arrival of Role Lock and is the current Grand Finals MVP Jun-Young "Profit" Park.

Aces High is a series that attempts to connect the London Spitfire to the fans by providing information and interviews from the team so that you can get to know who they are that little bit further and Profit has taken the time to answer a few questions regarding playing Vancouver, Role Lock and where London should finish.

Firstly, thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions. In the fifth game of the Spitfire's final stage this season, you play the Vancouver Titans. Renewing a rivalry between the former Runaway players and bringing reminders of your performance in the season 4 Apex finals. What are you looking forward to in the game against Vancouver and how do you feel thinking back on that final.

I'm really looking forward to facing Hooreg in our match against the Titans. Not only are we former teammates, but we're also very close friends. It's going to be a fun match.

With the 2-2-2 lock coming in on stage 4 your going to be free to play DPS heroes again. How have you found the current meta and what you looking forward to in stage 4 composition wise.

With Role Lock, I'm able to play more damage oriented heroes, and that's been really fun. In stage 4, I think we'll be seeing a lot more double sniper comps, dive comps, and Mei comps. There will be a large diversity, making the games really fun to watch.

With the top 6 teams automatically making it to the season playoffs and 7-12 going into the play in tournament. Where do you feel the team will finish the season and what do you expect if you have to go through the play in tournament.

I would like to think that we'd finish the regular season in the 4-5th place range. Since the bye week seems very valuable for playoffs, skipping the play in stage is going to be our goal.

With teams localising in the 2020 season, the Spitfire will be coming home to London. What are you expecting regarding living in London and will you give marmite a second chance?

I'm really excited to be able to play in front of our home crowd in London. Our visit last year showed just how much the home crowd loves and supports us, and I'd like to return the favor. Also never touching marmite ever again.

Finally for any fan who is looking to buy your replica Jersey, what one reason would you give for them to buy it.

The reason is in the name, the jersey is pure profit.

With London currently holding the sixth and final automatic qualifying spot for the end of season playoffs, their games versus the Titans and Outlaws this week are pretty much must wins to ensure they avoid having to play in the play-in tournament. I'd like to thank Profit for taking the time to answer my questions.

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(Picture Credit: London Spitfire & Robert Paul)

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