Monday, 8 July 2019

Report: Grunto eSports release Harbleu, Have Longstanding Discipline Problem With Their Team

Former Grunto Flex Anthony "Harbleu" Bello, quit North American Contenders team Grunto eSports after ignoring team wide warnings on behaviour and not wanting to be temporarily benched, prior to the team replacing him sources with information around the situation have told haloofthoughts.

Harbleu announced he had left Grunto on Saturday 6th July and indicated that some of this was to do with the 2-2-2 Composition Lock coming to Contenders around The Gauntlet. He also stated in during a stream that he never received a direct warning or mention of his behaviour from his coaches or teammates.

Multiple sources have told how Harbleu was aware of team wide warnings in place regarding the teams behaviour and that he did contribute to the "toxic" atmosphere within the team by consistently being late for scrims or missing scrims, refusing to provide coaches a telephone number to contact him and was hard to coach due to him constantly talking over coaches and players during scrims. The team both players and staff also felt that Harbleu had been underperforming recently and want to find a better fit for the team, sources have confirmed.

However, Harbleu's version of events is in fact partly correct and that he left Grunto as they wanted to bring in a player who fitted the Off Tank role better than he did. Multiple sources also confirmed that he personally never received a warning prior to being pulled into meeting with the team.

Grunto management decided to bench Harbleu without any private warning by the teams coaches or players prior to being temporarily benched, after this Harbleu decided that the best option for him would be to leave, rather than return from the bench and then eventully be replaced sources have told.

Grunto eSports, formerly known as Chicken Contendies have one of the highest player and coach turnover rates in all of Contenders and multiple sources have stated that this is due to the team's attitude, the fact that there are attempts of bullying within the team towards both players and staff and finally how some players believe they have more sway over team matters than the staff do. It is these reasons that Grunto had team wide warnings in place.

As a result of Harbleu's departure from Grunto, members of the coaching team and their social media have received death threats from fans of Harbleu. Which has resulted in both sides requesting fans to stop.

What's next for Harbleu and Grunto on their own is unknown but sources have advised the team are currently looking for a replacement for Harbleu.

When reaching out for comment both Grunto eSports and Harbleu declined to comment.

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(Picture Credit: Grunto eSports)


  1. Just some notes. Harbleu denies being "consisently late for scrims or missing scrims". Claims that was a rumor and false. Never declined to give out his phone number either.

    Harb denies taking part in any type of bullying in the slightest. The genuine care for others people's feelings is hugely evident when watching Harbleu's streams.

    Harb still feels like they did not do a professional level job in expressing their discontent with him and the way they departed from each other. This article is bad and just adding to the drama and rumors.

    And sending death threats makes you a terrible person, worse than the person you are sending the threats to. A level of evil like this can be found in almost all areas of life and these people certainly do not represent the fan base of Harbleu in the slightest.

    1. Harb also denies being fault free. If you want to understand Grunto's P.O.V then they obviously were dissatisfied with his in-game performance in some way. Possibly they were also dissatisfied with certain aspects of his in-game comms during games, based off this article saying that he was talking over teammates.

    2. yes i am also satisfied with your statement harb denies being fault free and they are are not satisfied with their performance but they are far more better then what they are doing now. Their team is also very good.