Wednesday, 16 August 2017

1 Year of Blogging

Today's a little bit of a special day for me, as 1 year ago I started my little blog as a hobby. Originally it was there to see me through the days where I couldn't actually game, or I had something I felt like I needed to share. Yet from blogging over the last year, there is in fact quite a bit that I've experienced and today I'm going to share this with you. 

You see a lot can happen over a year. This time last year Alice and I were still on the high of celebrating our engagement with all our friends and family, now after spending 6 hours building an Ikea Malm chest of drawers for baby Spake who is preparing to come in the next 7 weeks. Our focus and excitement has changed from one joyous occasion to another.

Speaking of Alice, I'm going to give a little appreciation and thanks to her. This is because without her starting her blog over 3 years ago, I'd never of thought that I'd have made one at all. Seeing her progress as she has over the years and the following she's gained from all the hard work she's put in has been amazing and I'm personally so proud of what she's achieved.

While I never have and never will be into blogging just for the possible opportunities, the opportunities that I've had over this last year have been pretty good. It's been awesome to work with brands that trust you to present their product and these have ranged from big to small, each company have been a pleasure to work with. I've also attended some great blogging events thanks to SotonBloggers, ranging from meeting other bloggers at their blogger meetups in Southampton or the opportunity to go to the Spinnaker Tower.

I've also been pretty fortunate to have found a solid group of guys with in the maleblogging community, who I've been able to relate to on so many levels both blogging wise and on a friendship level, so much so that we probably need to look into meeting up at some point as an entire group. This isn't something that I expected to happen when I first came into blogging (Looking at you, Ryan, Charlie, Ste, Carl and David) but with some of the threads and chats that we've had, I'm glad that it has. In all I've been lucky to have found this group and it's made my experience better just because Good Vibes Only idea we have as a group.

On the blogging community, on the whole it's been great to be a part of. The majority of people I've found have been really supportive or understanding of peoples views and posts and will generally come together when the time arises. In my opinion though, there is still a need to promote more diversity within blogging and this is on both a blogger and brand level. As a person of colour I often find it a lot harder to get opportunities or myself promoted and I feel a lot of other bloggers from ethnic backgrounds feel the same. You have bloggers such as Lima at Fashionicide and Ade at Adzvice, who produce amazing content and Jess at Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle who provides one of the most inclusive blogging platforms, who all probably don't get the recognition they deserve. I know that I've used POC as my example but more inclusion is needed across the wide variety of bloggers that we have right now.

I've had a good and happy 1st year of blogging, I've enjoyed sharing my content and thoughts with you all and I look forward to providing you with more as this year goes on. We will also have the introduction of baby Spake and the fun and games that he shall bring. I hope you will continue to read here at Halo of Thoughts and enjoy whats to come! 

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