Wednesday, 12 April 2017

My Favourite Blogs To Read

One of the best parts of blogging is being able to share your views and experiences with other people and being able to read what's going on with everyone else. So today I'm going to be sharing my favourite blogs to read.
Bugger All

I wanted to start off with the nicest, friendliest and supportive person I know on Twitter. Marc covers a wide variety from his love of football, his increased focus on male fashion and his openness around his mental health. From his match day experiences both Dutch games and English to his open letters to friends. I'm a big fan of Marc and what he represents with his blog.

Illustrated Tea Cup

Rachel is a fellow blogger from Southampton who's blog focus is being a mother to her son Henry (My Godson), whilst also sharing what she gets up to on a daily basis whilst sharing pictures every time she gets a new tattoo. I like Rachel's blog because it's honest and she always writes on what on her mind/from the heart and I have a lot of respect for that.

Modish Male

Ah Charlie, Charlie, Charlie, Charlie. Where do you begin to start with Modish Male. Charlie is a male blogger from Brighton who started blogging consistently just before I did and was the first other male blogger I met. Charlie has a main focus of male Fashion and Grooming, with Food, Travel, Entertainment and Lifestyle all thrown to give a great all round feel to his blog. His social media presence on both Twitter and Instagram/Stories are a pleasure to behold.


Brogan is a Blogger and Vlogger, who is based down the road in Bournemouth. Although Brogan is known for her vlogs, especially her weekly vlogs. Brogan has also focused more on her blog again this year offering both a a visual look into what she gets up to but also a nice and friendly writing style that really draws you in. Also if you love anything Disney, Brogan is the person to follow!

Ryan Mules

When it comes to male bloggers and fashion, there are a lot of guys who focus on the suited and booted look, so I love the fact that Ryan is someone like myself who wants to blog about male fashion but in something of a more casual or alternative view to the norm. Ryan is also all about his music, so it's great to have another male blogger to take to about Rap and Hip Hop with.


Last but certainly not least, My beautiful fiancee Alice. She's the reason why I got into blogging and even though I share a lot of my life experiences with her and see her everyday. I'll always make sure that I will catch her latest post. Focusing on mainly Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle aspects of blogging, you will also see posts in regards to food and the progress of out recent announcement.

I hope that you're able to look through this and find someone new and if the people above are people you check on a regular basis. I hope you agree.

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