Thursday, 20 April 2017

Men-U Wash & Shave Review

Men-U is a British male Grooming company that is aimed at the modern male with efficiency in mind with their ultra concentrated formulas, the Men-U wash & shave range is no different to this and has a specific focus on a little going a long way. I've been putting this to the test over the last few weeks to see how effective this idea is when put into practice. 
On a regular basis over the last few weeks, I've been using the D-Tox Facial Essentials Buddy Tubes, the Pro Black shaving brush with cream and Black Pepper & Bergamot shower gel to really see how well the ultra concentration works for me and how long it really lasts. 

When it comes to men's skin, our faces are more likely to become oily due to having a higher amount of Sebaceous glands than our female counterparts, meaning that men generally need a more absorbent face mask and wash to help combat oily skin and this is where the D-Tox Facial Essentials Buddy Tubes come in. All the buddy tubes are 15ml so they are small in comparison to other products but are reasonably priced at £5.95.

You only need to use the size of a pea with the Healthy Facial Wash and it recommends up to 30 washes. I've so far used about half the bottle on around 10 washes so this does seem about right. I'm secretly (until now) a big fan on Tea Tree oil  but was a bit unsure how strong the scent was going to be before I used it. Thankfully although Men-U use the higher concentration, the amount of Tea Tree oil used is perfect and helps to leave your face feeling smooth and oil free. 

The other buddy tube is the D-Tox Deep Clean Clay Mask and is a fast acting and stronger clay mask than any other I've seen before. It allows up to either 6 full face masks or 15 applications in the T-Zone so it allows a lot of flexibility. I mentioned that it was stronger and fast acting, well for the D-Tox mask you only need to leave it on for 3-5 minutes then wash away and start your day. The pace in which the clay mask dried surprised me but combined with the Healthy Facial Wash after, it really felt like a good combination. 

Pro Black Shaving Brush
I've got a confession to make here, I've never previously owned a shaving brush and the only time I've ever experienced one is when I've had my beard shaved at my local barbers. I know I was a barbaric foam into hand and place type of guy. However, the opportunity to try the Pro Black Shaving Brush was one that was far too good to pass up and being truthful, I'm glad I did.

Using Men-U's own and exclusively designed bristles, the Pro Black has is designed to be smooth, non-absorbent and more hygienic as none of the bristles are from any form or animal. As the bristles are none absorbent, there is hardly any bristle loss as there is no expansion or contraction. Made in Italy, the Pro Black has become a staple within my shaving routine and shaving creme leaves little to no irritation.

There's a reason why the Pro Black Shaving Brush was on the shortlist for the Pure Beauty Awards in 2016 and for £19.95 with the shaving cream, I feel it is well worth the expense.


Black Pepper and Bergamont Shower Gel
The Black Pepper and Bergamont Shower Gel has become my favourite shower gel of all time, not just because it smells amazing but due to the fact how effective and long lasting it is. I find that most shower gels I have to use an excess amount as they run through your hands and don't lather up as well as they should, the Men-U shower gel is the complete opposite to this.

It's here that the Ultra Concentrated formula really shines, I found very quickly that using an amount the size of a 20 pence piece was enough for the top half of my body alone. The active ingredients inside the concentrated formula really come into affect and allows you to get more use from the shower gel, which I've found to be around 3 times more than what you would expect from a 100 ml bottle. Containing Pro Vitamin B5, Vitamin E and moisturiser to help people such as myself who suffer from dry skin an Eczema. Although for me it is pricey at £8.95, I'd actually be more than happy to pay this just for the longevity and smell alone. I actually plan to get their alternative of Citrus and Mint when I get paid.

In all I've loved using the products provided by Men-U and I feel that I've definitely got a few new additions to my daily routine. I'm also actually planning to go to the Salon Men-U have in Southampton soon as I really want to try some of other treatments available there.

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