Monday, 17 May 2021

Sources: A False Accusation & Fan Pressure Cost Nohill His Job At Team CC


By Arran “Halo” Spake

Former Team CC Head Coach Wang "NoHill" Fuxing, lost his job with the team due to an online campaign by a minority of Chinese fans, who twisted comments Nohill had previously said about a different subject, into a false remark against Chengdu Hunters Head Coach Wang "RUI" Xingrui. Multiple sources have told haloofthoughts.

Multiple sources advise that the campaign, against Nohill put pressure on the Shanghai Dragons top brass and supposedly resulted in the organisation which Team CC are the academy team for, resulted in Nohill losing his job. 

According to sources, the comments that were used against Nohill relate to comments he made about the Chengdu Hunter’s composition against the Los Angeles Valiant on Kingsrow, where they used Ball, D.Va, Pharah and Sombra, saying that he didn’t agree with its use and wondered why RUI would use this compositionin that situation. However, the comments where used against Nohill in regards to the composition used by the Hunters against the Shanghai Dragons. 

Sources also stated that Nohill commented on the strange composition being used in an Overwatch League match and stated that if this was the case, then there are Korean Contenders teams who were better than the Chengdu Hunters.

While most fans would see this as banter or trash talk between coaches, sources stated that a small part of the Chinese fan base took exception to these comments as an actual attack again the Hunters and their Head Coach RUI, and that these comments were to an unexceptional level. Once the manipulated comments were made public and aimed at the wrong match, more fans got behind the remarks after The Chengdu Community Manager made some remarks on them, in a now deleted Weibo posts.

Multiple sources also confirmed that Nohill tried to contact both the creator of the post and the Chengdu Hunters to clear up the miscommunication which seemed to have cleared the air and had all parties on the same page. However, despite this and removal of comments relating to the subject, some fans continued to create rumours and became more extreme in their comments against Nohill and even extended to games Nohill was playing.

The relationship between the Chengdu Hunters management and Nohill is publicly known to be at a low point, this stemming from his time as Head Coach of LGE Huya, the Hunters original Academy team and this latest interaction is unlikely to improve the situation. Though considering the results Nohill had with Team CC, his removal from the team continues to be a surprise, despite their being rumours of interest in him at the Overwatch League level.

After his departure, Team CC seemed to struggle after a strong start to their first season in Contenders Korea and finished the stage with a loss in the semifinals against O2 Blast. They had looked like one of the strongest teams in the region under Nohill.

Halo of thoughts reached out to Nohill, the Chengdu Hunters and the Shanghai Dragons, Team CC’s owners for comment but have so far received no comment.

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