Friday, 13 July 2018

An Interview with Chan-Hyung "Fissure" Baek On The Slasher Report

The Overwatch League playoffs are here and when the London Spitfire and Los Angeles Gladiators started their playoff series against each other on Wednesday 11th July, there was one noticeable omission from the Gladiator line up and that one player was their star Main Tank and MVP runner up Chan-Hyung “Fissure” Baek. Prior to this game, journalist Rod “Slasher” Breslau released information that the reason Fissure wasn’t playing was due to him wanting to leave the LA Gladiators as he wasn’t happy with being on an international team but also that he refused to communicate during a scrim as he wanted more effort from his teammates.

While it seems that the Gladiators have released a statement in regards to Fissure not playing they haven’t given the reasons why. This has meant that Fissure wanted to have a place to share his views on his current situation and has taken the time to answer a few questions with myself.

Hi Fissure, thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions. Slasher has recently said that you wanted to leave and the reason that in short, your behaviour has led to you being benched. I like to get your opinion and how you feel about the current situation?

Slasher has used so much information to raise his credit, But he's been wrong many times good example Seoul Kox / Dallas Sowhat. Slasher is just someone who wants to write a stimulating article to cut down on others and increase their awareness and people are more likely to believe in Slasher than in an official announcement. If Slasher later writes an article for his own self-interest, there will be people who will get the hurt. People think Slasher is just a journalist, but he is just one person who wants to be famous as he writes occasionally to blame people on Twitter

Despite building what looks like a good in game chemistry with the team, you’ve reportedly become unhappy with being a Gladiator?

The Gladiators is the best team that I have ever had. The only problem with this team is that the language barriers are still there and if I can solve this, it will be the best team in my life.

It’s been reported that you weren’t happy with the level of performance in practice and scrims in the build up to the London playoff game. This caused you to stop communicating with the team in scrims, is this true?

It's not true. We've been good at scrimming, and now the meta & iremix has gotten better ratings than me

It was reported that you wanted to play on an all Korean team for next season due to the difference of in practice and scrims approach than on a mixed English/Korean team?

I do not just want to play in every Korean team but it is good when we look at the overall unification of the language. But our team thinks that it is better to go to the English team if the language matches because there are more English players than Korean players

Would you have any problems returning to play for the Gladiators in the remainder of the playoffs?

The only problem is that I don’t have a better understanding of meta than iiremix. If it gets better, I can always be the first

What do you think about Felix “xQc” Lengyal when he defended the Slashers style of reporting, since his report of your situation?

I saw xQc’s streaming clip and he’s not talking about me, he’s talking about Slashers evaluation and that he’s had a high probability of hitting so far. I can prove that this time it is a lie.

With Fissures responses hopefully clearing a lot of issues that where raised after Slashers reports, it will be interesting to see whether this is the end of this or if it will continue further in to the playoffs. One day thing is certain, Fissure is a Gladiator and he’s more than happy to continue to be one and work with the team!

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