Sunday, 13 May 2018

Aces High: An Interview With Team Manager Seung-Hwan “Robin” Lee

We all know that to be deemed as a contender, your team needs to have players, coaches and a management team that are of a championship winning quality. What gets missed more than often is that while these main roles become known as the faces of teams, they can’t do everything on their own and without a decent supporting staff, nothing is likely to be done on time or correctly. Team managers are the important cog behind the scenes that ensures that everything runs smoothly and when they do go away from plan, they focus on resolving it so that other areas of the team don’t have to worry about that. This is even more important, when you have a roster built from players from another country as while you need to do your general tasks. Helping them acclimatise to their new home is possibly one of the hardest things. This is where Seung-Hwan "Robin" Lee comes into his element.

Aces High is a series that attempts to connect the London Spitfire to the fans by providing information and interviews from the team so that you can get to know who they are that little bit further. This is the fifth episode of Aces High which has been and will be running throughout the season. If you want to read any of the previous interviews, then follow the Aces High link for more content.

Robin is the team manager for the London Spitfire and has been there from day one to help the the players integrate into the American lifestyle, while helping behind the scenes to ensure that the team are where they need to be at all times. If there's a post match interview with a Spitfire player, you'll likely see Robin standing next to them, ready to translate. Today we talk about interview's, trusting the players and 

Thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions. How long have you been translating for and what made you want to work for the London Spitfire?

I was with Cloud9 LoL for 1.5 years, working with Reapered, Impact, and Ray to facilitate Korean-English and vice versa communication between teammates as well as between the head coach and the players.

In the Spitfire Reacts team videos, we can see that the guys understanding and speaking of English has come on leaps and bounds. Who’s taken to English the best and who’s reactions is best when they learn a new English word?

Gesture and Birdring probably have the best English on the team, while Bdosin tends to butcher every word that he comes across.

Obviously the team have just moved into the new house with looks incredible. Does the whole team (players, coaches, support staff) all stay there or are there any other arrangements? Also, I know that you help ensure that the team are up and ready for their day to come. Who’s the hardest to wake up in the morning?

Yes, everyone except Susie lives in the team house, including me and our new coach Agape. Profit and Birdring have the toughest time waking up, while Gesture is the only one that resists my human alarm system.

Being the teams translator, which has been your favourite interview both on and off stage?

On stage would be with Gesture when he was semi-coerced into eating a lemon. Off stage would be some of the interviews I've done with Hooreg, where he gives simple, not-fully-thought-out answers.

We’ve recently seen Tizi in the 20 questions videos. With him joining the team late, how has he integrated so far?

He's been integrating very well. He is already very close friends with everyone on the team, and his playstyle, while different from Gesture, fits in with the team flawlessly as well.

Unfortunately we’re unable to buy Robin jerseys so, if the roles were reversed and one of the team had to translate for you. Who would that be and why?

Birdring, because he's the only one I trust to not forcibly twist my words to make me sound like a terrible person.

You'll hopefully be able to hear and see Robin more in the upcoming London Spitfire videos such as Spitfire Reacts and in week one of the stage with a post match interviews after defeating the NYXL and Houston Outlaws.  

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