Sunday, 8 October 2017

As Content Creators We Need To Be Responsible

Whether your content is as a Blogger, Youtuber or an Instagrammer, we all come under the same umbrella as content creators. We as content creators get some amazing opportunities to work with some great and well known brands in our fields of choice and some of us get the chance to be a part of huge campaigns that we wouldn't have had the chance to take part in if we weren't content creators. Each of these opportunities provides our content channels a way of expanding and getting more exposure to new people. Which is why today I want to talk about why as content creators, we need to be more responsible.

You see, while 2017 has been a great year for content creators as a whole, with a mixture of book releases, homeware collections being created and some creators being part of massive campaigns. There's still times that show we need to be more responsible about what we are creating, why we're creating it, how we got to that point and the message that comes across once it's there for the public and our following to see. I'm going to list a few things I've noticed this year, where I think we need to improve on.

Being A Yes Man/Woman
It's a nice feeling when you open your email inbox and see that a couple of brands want to work with you and are offering payment that seems suitable for the amount of work you'll need to put in. You receive the product but find that it really doesn't work well for you at all. However, because you want to build a relationship with this brand you become someone who ignores this and creates content saying yes it worked.

Stop! Please for the love of everything. We are expected to give honest reviews about the products we try to our audience, as they were there long before the product companies came in. Giving no criticism of something that had flaws and didn't work is worse than giving a bad review. By saying yes it works, not only lies to your following but when it doesn't work for a lot of people, it gives you a bad reputation as this then becomes a product you've endorsed. Be honest, point out the parts you liked but state any negatives you find.

Diversity in the world of content creation and the campaigns for me have been the biggest peeve of the year. Diversity is lacking with in the world of content creation. Whether this be due to the products available, the way we review things or the fact that campaigns need to stop using the same type of people who are mainly white and in better shape than half the population. Look around and you'll see that people come in different body shapes, heights, races and religions, people are able and disabled, everyone is different. All of these people will likely have an interest with your reviews so try not to tunnel vision in on one aspect and be open where you can in your content to all.

I'm not sure if it's just me but I'm getting about as sick and tired as I possibly can about the recent racism not just from creators but campaigns as well. Why are we as creators sticking up for other creators and companies when they are being so blatantly racist? These been two occasions in the last few months where people have defended those who were outwardly racist. Why are we defending people such as Pewdiepie who uses the N-Word on streams and then plays it off as a joke, or companies such as Dove when they use racist campaign posters? We need to be honest and stop defending these people/companies when they're in the wrong.

Bots & Follow/Unfollowing
This came to light at the start of the year but is something that is still showing through now. The use of bots and following other creators to get a follow back, to then remove them at a later date to boost your own following is shady. It gives a false representation to both how hard you've worked to brands but it's also a really dickish thing to do to other creators. We're all in the same boat, all creating content on things we love and all hoping to get an opportunity at some point to work with a brand we love. Buying fake accounts (bots) or playing the follow/unfollow game is low and if you don't have the dedication to create a natural following are you really in this for the right reasons?

Our Actions
Yes, you and I need to remember that what we say and how we act across all forms of social media will have an effect on others. Remember that what you say and how you come across will be seen by many different people, most likely not just your following. Debating on things that you may disagree on is a good thing, but personal attacks on others because they have a different view on a product is you being a tool. Remember that one of the great things about community is the togetherness but that not everyone has the same experiences as you.

There are probably other things that we as content creators need to improve on, myself included. These were the ones that were the most pressing to me. How do you feel about our responsibilities? 

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