Sunday, 24 September 2017

The Rise of The Grimestar

When it comes to Grime, I've been listening to it since the days of Dizzie Rascals Boy In The Corner and Wiley's Treddin' On Thin Ice, when the Grime scene first started to make it's way. I've seen this peaks such as the emergence of Stormzy, the calm before the storm when Roll Deep went more Pop. The creation of the Super group Boy Better Know and the return of the grime scene Champion Skepta last year. 

2005 Grime has always been about, but this year there have been some amazing music produced and created. This year has been the year where Grime music has been on the rise and we've had huge album drops from the heavy gunners in the scene such as Dizzie Rascal, Wiley,& Devlin. This got me thinking about my favourite tracks so far this year and while the year still has a few months left, I felt like sharing with you my 2017 Grime playlist with an explanation of those tracks that have had me putting on repeat for days. 

Wiley - Bring Them All/Holy Grime Ft Devlin
The year started off with a bang, when Wiley dropped his long awaited Godfather album within the first few days of the year. The wait was worth it as it is in my opinion, one of his best albums to date and Bring Them All/Holy Grime is my favourite track on the album which set me up perfectly for the rest of the grimy year.

Stormzy - Cold
Stormzy hit the scene hard with his now legendary "Shut Up - Fire In The Park" session with Charlie Sloth two years ago, even before he's released an album. This year Stormzy corrected this with the release of Gang Signs & Prayers, which is filled with bangers all over the album. While Big For Your Boots is the big one from the album, Cold is my personal favourite as both the beat and bars flow so well together.

The Heavytrackerz - Rudeboy Flex Ft Ghetts, Lethal Bizzle & Face
In my opinion apart from Swifta Beater, The Heavytrackerz are the best producers in grime who consistently produce hit beat after hit beat. This year has been no different with the release of their album Odyssey "A Musical Journey", they have produced a some of their best work yet. Rudeboy Flex has an old school grimey feel to it with vocals from two of the biggest in the game in Ghetts and Lethal.

Chase & Status - NRG Ft Novelist
Novelist is one of those MC's that's been known in the scene for a while and has just been waiting to explode. While this hasn't happened for him yet, the link up with Chase & Status on their new album Tribe, shows the levels that Novelist has and what he can do with them when given a chance. NRG is an up tempo track which N.O.V kills.

Marci Phonix - Riot
Marci Phonix is an MC from the early days of Grime, who paired up with follow MC Hypa Fen to known as a Grime Duo that wouldn't pull punches. After a few years out of the scene Marci has come back on his own with Riot and a return to the original days where MC would say what they want and go all in.

Grim Sickers - Kane Remix Ft P Money, Jaykae, Kurupt FM, Prez T & Funky D
The original version of Kane which featured JME was already one of the bigger songs of the year, so adding big MC's P Money, Jaykae and Prez T bumped this up a level. Add Kurupt FM on top of this All-Star mix and you've probably got a contender for song of the year.

Jaykae - Toothache
Birmingham MC Jaykae came up with Invasion Alert over the last few years and did fairly well. After leaving the crew two years ago Jaykae has absolutely smashed the Thomas Mellor beat with one of the realist opening bars "I was the best man when D2 got married, a pallbearer when Depz got carried" I'm looking forward to more hard hitting lyrics from Jaykae in the years to come.

P Money - Did You Notice
Did You Notice is actually a diss track aimed at Dott Rotten who used to be an MC/Producer in the same crew as P Money. After Dott restarted a beef that's over 10 years old. P Money teamed up with Thomas Mellor so straight up slew the Straight Up instrumental. This beef is a few months in but P shows just how good of a War MC he is with Did You Notice.

K Koke - Listen Likkle Man
K Koke is another MC who's had a break in recent years to have returned. Koke had a lot of hype a few years ago when he signed with Jay-Z, that didn't work out but the return this year with Pure Koke Volume 4 has been awesome. Listen Likkle Man is a perfect anthem for the album and K Koke's return to the scene.

With there still being a few months left within this year, there's still time for a few more big tracks to drop. What's your favourite Grime so far of this year?

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