Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Why We Don't Need Male Specific Awards

It's early May which means that we're half way through Spring, almost half way through the year and we're into the blogging season that gets everyone excited, awards season! It's the season where we see the dates being announced for entries, nominations and then the awards themselves. It's also the time of year that always brings up the question within the male blogger community, should there be specific male blogger genres or awards. Today I'm going to explain my reasons as to why I don't feel there should be. 

This question first came up towards the end of last year, where some within the male blogger community felt that we were being overlooked for award nominations. This was due to there only being a few (well deserved) nominations and winners coming from our community, which then lead to question of, should there be awards specific towards male bloggers?

The reason I feel that we shouldn't have our own category within every awards is simple, being a male blogger isn't a genre, which is what the majority of these awards are! A male blogger is exactly what it says in the label, a male that blogs. It doesn't deserve to have a specific award as it's not a niche, everything we blog about can be put into an award category that already exists. This allows for us to be on the same level playing field as every other blogger no matter what gender you are. We have the exact same opportunity as female bloggers to show case our blogs. This may not be a welcomed or agreed view of half the community but if you want the awards you've got to put in the work.

I also want to speak about this recent perception of the fact that because we are a minority within the blogging community, that we deserve special recognition or just because we are men. The opportunity to do what we do isn't due to the male scene, blogging was created by women who put in years of work (I know some male bloggers have also) and dedication to get this scene where it is today. 

As my brother Ryan Mules has recently said "The moment men stop feeling entitled is when we all thrive" and this comment nailed it on the head. The moment we realise as a whole, that we need to stop this self entitlement, the better the scene will be. This post isn't an indirect to any male bloggers or to throw shade on the idea of awards themselves as I personally don't agree with them, but we need to realise it's not about our gender but about the content we create as male bloggers.

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