Saturday, 13 May 2017

The Last Birthday

Happy birthday to me! Well on Wednesday I turned 29 and its caused me to start to reflecting on what the next steps are for me in my life and how I'm feeling in my last year in my twenties. So while I still feel like a young'en, as I haven't hit 30 just yet. I'm going to share what these recent reflections have been.

Firstly I've realised that today is the last birthday! It's the last birthday where Alice and I can do or go where we want to at the drop of a hat and it's also the last birthday I'll have where it's all about me. I'm not meaning this in an arrogant or selfish way in the slightest, it's just the realisation that from next year there will be a little person with us as well and that it's this incoming little person who will take up the majority of our time, which I'm looking forward to. Even with the incoming dribble, puke and nappy changes.

It's giving me the chance to realise what I'm able to provide to our incoming little one compared to what I grew up with. I come from a small single parent home, I didn't have a lot in the way of money so when it came to opportunities such as school events or even going to the zoo (I went for first time aged 28) I wasn't able to. As a parent I'm going to be able to provide these chances to our son and I'm going to be honest, I'm looking forward to it as it's going to be life experiences that I didn't get till I was older. It's going to make myself feel proud that we've been able to allow our son a better start than I had, as that shit was hard and I wouldn't want to have to put my children through this if I could avoid it.

My fitness is another thing I've looked into recently. I want to be the dad that is able to run around like a lunatic chasing our little one or playing games, I don't want to be blowing out of my ass after 5 minutes because I'm stupidly out of shape. So fitness is going to be focused on both psychical and what I eat. I want our child to be healthy eating and able to enjoy themselves, so this means all the sweets and fizzy drinks have to go, but so will the amount of time I'll have to play video games. This hits me the most as they have helped me through so much but this will be reduced in the adult stage of my life.

This last birthday has really made me think and be aware that from October, life and even birthdays are going to be about more than just myself. Having the ability to provide the support on many different levels is something that I'm looking forward too.

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