Saturday, 4 February 2017

The Commitments - Soul The Show

It's 1985 in the north side of Dublin, Ireland. The working man is struggling with day to day life with not a lot for them to do. One man who feels that there is a change requires is Jimmy Rabbitte, who wants to bring something new but old to the people. He decides that Dublin needs Soul and that he is the man to bring that to Dublin, by creating The Commitments.

Based on the The Commitments film that was released in 1991, The Commitments musical is brought to you by Roddy Doyle a Booker Award winner and man who created the original novel and directed by C Jay Ranger, to provide a stage show worthy of it's West End stints and now it's nation wide tour. Kevin Kennedy (Jimmy's Da, best known as Curly Watts from Coronation Street), Brian Gilligan reprising the staring role of Deco after originally being cast as Billy "The Animal" Mooney and blowing the directer away with his singing back stage and with Andrew Linnie as Jimmy Rabbitte, the show is packed with star quality.

The show started at The Mayflower at 7:30 and I went along with Alice and her parents, who we had gotten tickets as a Christmas present and took our seats. The show is just like the film so if you've watched the film you'll love the show. Jimmy puts out an open audition to find some of the finest amateur musicians Dublin has to offer. It's a bit slow to start with as it introduces the characters and shows there improvements along the way, but it soon goes into a full swing musical and you do get to hear more than 20 classic soul songs from the film.

As you can imagine everything isn't as plain sailing as Jimmy would have hoped, different personalities clash and it's a real battle to get everyone on the same page, especially when it comes to Deco who is irrational and over the top (which he wasn't in the films) and Joey "The Lips" Fagan and his antics with the ladies and the lord. Jimmy has to find the perfect balance to get the best out of everyone.

The show was amazing, it followed the film perfectly and everyone got there own areas to shine in their roles. The Commitmentettes played by Amy Penston (Natalie), Leah Penston (Imelda) and Christina Tedders (Bernie) harmonised really well together and with Deco, Peter Mooney (Derek) and Christian James (Outspan) provided great comedy together and Sam Fordham (Mickah) was probably my favourite character of them all.

If you have the chance to go either at the Mayflower or the as a part of the nation wide tour then you really have to, there is also a nice surprise at the end of the show.

*Tickets Complementary for the review

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