Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Superdrug Couples Challenge

Towards the end of January, Alice and I got the opportunity to take part in and film with Superdrug. If you've ever been on their Youtube page, you may have seen the video's where either friends or couples are put to the test in a couple of challenges, to see how well they can do. Today I'm going to give you a little sneak peak of our day.

We had to travel up to London from Southampton so it was an early start, with our coffee's in hand we took the train up to Clapham and found the studio where we were to try the couples challenges for the day.

Once we arrived at the studio we were able to meet the crew who were producing our video's and get to have a little bit of time to get ready for the day ahead. We then made our wake into hair and make up, which for a guy who has no hair and never worn make up before, it was an interesting experience. For this we were lucky enough to have Stephanie Pearson as our make up artist, who was friendly, happy to talk but also didn't make me look out of place with the lighting.

The first challenge we did was The Mouth Guard Challenge, which was a family favourite game to play over the Christmas period. For anyone who isn't aware of what's involved, the person with the mouth guard in would have to say a word or in our case, name of a romantic film. While the over person would have to figure out a way to understand what is being said. Alice and I actually smashed this challenge and got everyone right, which felt pretty good.

It wasn't just ourselves taking part in the videos though, there was 4 other couples appearing through out the day so during our down time it was pretty funny to watch the challenges being done by other people. During this time we managed to get some food, get our make up reapplied then it was on to the second challenge.

This was The Boyfriend Hair Styling Challenge and OH MY GOD, it was one of the hardest things under pressure I've ever done. I actually found a new appreciation of what women do to pull off these hair styles and I fell flat on my face. There were so many products in front of me, I didn't know where to start, I also had to try and plat Alice's here which was short at the time and I had no idea how it was done properly. The attempted buns were a mess and I don't think putting plumping powder in my hands and sprinkling it around Alice's head, or the use of silver and gold glitter spray was much appreciated.

Once we finished our second video, we sorted ourselves out and watched the other couple filming with us. Who I feel had as little success as myself but the outcome and style was well worth the watch. We then packed up, said good bye to all the crew and started to make our way back to Southampton.

I don't think I can say how much fun the whole day was, from meeting everyone, make up and filming the videos themselves, I had an absolute blast and want to thank Superdrug for giving us the chance to do this. What did you think about the video's, did we perform well or could we have done better?

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